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    "The Last Of Us" Brutally Killed Off A Major Character And It Was Heartbreaking (Even If You Knew It Was Coming)

    Neil Druckmann, we need to have words because I will forever be traumatised by that zombie kiss of death.

    🚨 Just in case you didn't read the headline, there are major spoilers for The Last Of Us Episode 2 in this article — but, of course, if you've played the video game, you're all good. 🚨

    Right off the bat, the premiere of HBO's TV series adaptation of The Last Of Us impressed fans for being faithful to the video game and capturing the spirit of the characters.

    Part of that is down to show creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann actually respecting the source material — I mean, I said this in my review of the first episode, but with the parallels between the video and the series being so spot on, it feels like The Last Of Us is a love letter to the gaming community.

    Joel and Ellie from The Last Of Us TV series standing together

    Praise must also be given to the cast. While I was initially sceptical about Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, who play Joel and Ellie respectively, watching them interact and swap smart-ass banter during the second episode just reaffirmed how perfectly cast they are.

    Joel and Ellie roasting each other as they're about to step into some gross water

    Speaking of Episode 2 — which is aptly titled "Infected" — this is where things started to go sideways. We get our first proper look at how the Cordyceps brain infection has mutated humans, turning them into savage, bloodthirsty creatures.

    An infected human screaming

    After a narrow escape from the infected, we learn that not all the characters have made it out unscathed, with Tess — Joel's smuggling partner-in-crime — revealing a bite wound on her shoulder.

    A close up of a bite from one of the infected on Tess' shoulder

    Tess, played by Anna Torvs, is adamant that Ellie's immunity could lead to the development of a vaccine, and persuades Joel to believe in the possibility of having hope. As her parting gift to humanity, she sacrifices herself to distract an incoming group of infected so that Joel and Ellie can slip away.

    Tess holding Ellie's arm to show Joel that she hasn't been turned and may be immune

    Even though fans of the video game knew Tess' death was coming, it still left people (it's me, I'm people) heartbroken — especially since she had to go through that disturbing zombie kiss of death.

    they didn’t have to let my mother go down like this??? like it’s just so NASTY??? even more sadder than the actual d0ath scene in the game. NEIL DRUCKMANN YOU ARE SO SICK #TheLastOfUs

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    #TheLastOfUs THEY MADE TESS' DEATH EVEN SADDER WHAT THE HELL HBO 😭😭😭 Anna Torv performance was heartbreaking

    Twitter: @chrisdadeviant

    Me seeing the bite on Tess even though I already knew that was going to happen #TheLastOfUs #TLOU

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    #TheLastOfUs me watching tess death as if i didnt go thru it 827371 times before

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    Me having to sit through the trauma of Tess revealing her bite for the 10th time and now having to watch a fungus tentacle freak snog her while she blows herself up: #TheLastOfUsHBO #TheLastOfUs

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    Neil Druckmann, we need to have words because I will forever be traumatised by "fungus tentacle freak" swapping saliva with poor Tess as she struggles to light the fuse that will set those zombies on fire.

    Meanwhile in the game, Tess dies holding off invading FEDRA soldiers while Joel and Ellie make their escape. So, it's not as poignant, but still, there was no need to emotionally attack us when we're vulnerable, Neil.

    Tess in The Last Of Us video game

    With that being said, kudos needs to be given to Anna Torv's performance. Although we only had her as Tess for two episodes, she left an immeasurable impact that had me hoping she would somehow make it through (even though I knew what was going to happen, but I just wanted to see more of Anna, you know?).

    Twitter: @wizardjarin

    In case this is your first introduction to Anna, she is an Australian actor known her roles in Fringe, Mindhunter and now, of course, The Last Of Us. With such a huge spotlight being shone on HBO's adaptation, I'm sure this won't be the the last (pun intended) we see of Anna anytime soon.

    Besides this big emotional moment, what was your favourite scene from Episode 2? And what are your thoughts on The Last Of Us adaptation so far? Let us know in the comments!