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This Is Why Harry Styles Has Been Called A "Consent King" By One Of The Models From "Watermelon Sugar"

What a KING.

ICYMI — the wonderful and delectable Harry Styles dropped his long-anticipated music video for "Watermelon Sugar".

And boy, oh boy, was it every bit as thirst-inducing and ~juicy~ as I — ahem, the stans — were hoping it would be.

It conjured up images of the perfect, beachside summer — filled with endless sunshine, friends, and, well, watermelon.

And featured a bunch of gorgeous models, who took turns looking cute and smooshing that red fruit into Harry's face.

After the video was released, Ephrata — a model who appeared in the music video — took to Instagram to talk about her experience filming on the set.

Ephrata, a model from the #WatermelonSugar music video, talking about her experience with Harry on set on her Instagram Live. (via @tickIisharry)

In regards to shooting with Harry, she called him the "consent king" and explained that he would often ask whether it was okay to touch her hair before doing so.

And that during a kiss scene between her and Harry, she made sure to ask for his consent as well — to double-check that he was okay with it.

According to Ephrata, all these things made the shoot feel like a fun and comfortable experience, where nothing felt forced.

I already stanned Harry Styles, but now I love him even more.