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    27 "H2O: Just Add Water" Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Want To Rewatch The Show

    This is my childhood.

    1. This recurring problem that basically sums up the entire series:

    2. This iconic storyline that no one should ever forget:

    3. This meme that, let's be honest, describes all of us when hearing the theme song:

    4. This revelation that could spark a lightbulb moment for some:

    5. This hilarious reaction that is so totally on-brand for non-Australians watching H2O:

    6. This nostalgic trigger that is taking me back to my childhood:

    7. This conversation that isn't factually correct but feels like it should be:

    8. This all too familiar problem that Australians have no doubt experienced:

    9. This prolonged grudge that is rightfully deserved:

    10. This quote-worthy scene that highlights why H2O was one of the most relatable shows out there:

    11. This feeling that every fan can definitely relate to:

    12. This intellectual thought that could spark some debate:

    13. This piece of information that will have you frantically Googling things:

    14. This insider's peek into what every H2O fan is really thinking about:

    15. This forgotten ship that brings back memories:

    16. This hilarious parody that really speaks for itself:

    17. This metaphorical analysis of the show that definitely has some ~legs~:

    18. And this description that is short, but true:

    19. This accurate description of Zane's character development:

    20. This powerpoint presentation that makes some facts known:

    21. And this meme that backs it up:

    22. This profound feeling that just makes sense:

    23. This response that is truly a big mood for Phoebe Tonkin stans:

    24. This question that needs to be answered ASAP:

    25. This summing up of Gen Z culture:

    26. This witty comeback that shows how profound Australian television can be:

    27. And lastly, this familiar question we've all asked ourselves when we're suddenly 10 episodes into a rewatch: