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    31 Jokes About Growing Up As The Youngest Sibling That'll Make You Laugh

    Being the youngest is all fun and games until your mum doesn't let you move out.

    1. On being used as a sounding board:

    the younger sibling is the older sibling’s therapist

    Twitter: @annieontoast

    2. On the internalised fear whenever you hear certain phrases:

    Growing up with siblings: “Come here” “Why” “Just come here” “No your gonna hit me”

    Twitter: @emiliaburgin_3

    3. On having little-to-no control over your life:

    elder siblings basically control their younger sibling's life

    Twitter: @desipotatoes

    4. Like, literally ZERO control:

    my sisters old diary. this is what it was like being the youngest child

    Twitter: @whoisspiderman

    5. On being pushed to be the one to ask your parents something:

    Nobody: Me to my younger sibling: Go to mom and tell her that we want pizza, but don't say it's me who told you that.

    Twitter: @TheRealAzee_RSA

    6. On always getting the short end of the stick:

    being the youngest child of 3 meant i always had to be squished in the middle 🙄

    Twitter: @JayAriana_

    7. On being delegated all the chores, for some unknown reason:

    Being the youngest child goes hand in hand with being told to do all the errands

    Twitter: @Almajhuul

    8. On being the guinea pig for just about anything and everything:

    It sucked being the youngest brother growing up watching wwe cause ya siblings just tried out every wrestling move on yo ass

    Twitter: @LeanandCuisine

    9. On spending a good portion of your childhood watching your siblings play video games:

    Younger sibling culture is thinking watching other people play video games is fun

    Twitter: @jillsybaby

    10. On being bullied by your older siblings — that is, until you got mum involved:

    Life as a younger sibling. 🤣#NationalSiblingDay

    Twitter: @ComplexSports

    11. On constantly being made to believe that you were adopted:

    if you’re the younger sibling, you’ve probably experienced being called “adopted” by your older siblings. you know it’s true.

    Twitter: @jungwonsgirl

    12. On being stuck with the option that no one really wanted:

    Being the youngest brother out of 3 means you get stuck with the drums on Rock Band

    Twitter: @LightCaleb

    13. On having to develop certain personality traits, so you'll stand out from your other siblings:

    Why is the younger sibling always funnier

    Twitter: @amandalyndiaz

    14. On the duality of being born the youngest:

    Being the youngest child is spending 50% of your time convincing your family that you’re a grown-ass adult who is capable of doing things and the other 50% of your time trying to make them do things for you because you’re still the baby 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Twitter: @harperforsgren

    15. On sharing things with your siblings:

    Older sibling: dont wear my new clothes Younger sibling:

    Twitter: @Loreennnzzooo

    16. On having to become the "mature one", when your older siblings wouldn't stop messing around:

    Does anyone else have an annoying younger sibling who acts like they're older than you?

    Twitter: @IamSaeen

    17. Or, alternatively, having your siblings experience a power trip whenever your parents left you home alone:

    Being the youngest child is like having extra parents 😂😂

    Twitter: @Ariyanaaganee

    18. On constantly being told that you're "too young" to have a valid opinion:

    Being the youngest child is the best thing that can happen to you until you're in the middle of a heated argument and no one takes your opinion for real.

    Twitter: @nehaajamil

    19. On making sure that you, as the youngest, always got your dues and weren't cheated:

    growing up with siblings be like:

    Twitter: @stfunell_

    20. On never being allowed to actually grow up:

    Being the youngest child is fun and all until you try to grow up and your mom won't let you.

    Twitter: @lbrahimchatta

    21. Or get rid of family nicknames:

    being the youngest child means everyone in your family still calls you kiddo even though you’re 20

    Twitter: @haileyamc

    22. On just being better, in every single facet:

    Are you your parents favorite child or do you have a younger sibling.

    Twitter: @ItsMeKuroo

    23. On having the audacity to grow, like a normal human being:

    How disrespectful is it when a younger sibling is taller than you🙄😂😂

    Twitter: @obrempong__

    24. Which led to you eventually rising to power:

    younger sibling O /|\ / | \ older sibling / \ / \ / \ 읏

    Twitter: @xprachix

    25. And turning the tables on your siblings:

    True pain is when your younger sibling is no longer afraid of you

    Twitter: @skitguru

    26. On being thought about last:

    #GrowingUpWithSiblings when your mom tries to yell out your name but she calls every other person in the house before she gets to yours

    Twitter: @CoIlegeProbIems

    27. On having to be a jack of all trades:

    being the youngest child should be considered a full time job! not only do we have to be incredibly sexy and talented but we ALSO have to listen to the oldest child complain about having “”more responsibilities”” 164 times a day

    Twitter: @itsjazmarie

    28. On getting hand-me-downs that you secretly wanted all along:

    POV: you're the younger sibling ‼️

    Twitter: @Aliban999

    29. On taking advantage of the "I'm the youngest, so I'm innocent" trait:

    i like being the youngest sibling bc it means its my job to be an agent of chaos 24/7

    Twitter: @annniegtroyer

    30. On developing a thick skin at a young age:

    being the youngest sibling for so long really teaches you how to fight and instantly have better comebacks/jokes. i refused to be walked over 😭

    Twitter: @Treysouls

    31. And finally, on accepting the fact that being the youngest has its perks and drawbacks:

    Being the youngest child of family is a curse and blessing at same time

    Twitter: @daahariskhan

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