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Posted on 20 Dec 2017

21 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed Aussie Politics In 2017

Mum: Your room is a mess! Me: It's not as big as a mESS AS THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT!!

1. This look at a real #Auspol debate:

2. This slight alteration to an iconic Aussie saying:

3. This accurate portrayal of Australia's response to the postal survey:

4. This questioning of the Liberal party:

5. This perfectly timed Scooby Doo reference:

6. This sweaty political situation:

7. And this hilarious reaction to said political situation:

8. This Macklemore-inspired mood:

9. This insane fact about Australia's internet coverage:

10. This perfectly aimed roast at the Prime Minister:

11. This in-depth analysis of Barnaby Joyce:

12. And the shambles he was involved in:

13. This new tactic to gain followers:

14. This reminder of Malcolm Turnbull's achievements:

15. This political twist:

16. This important reminder:

17. This accurate depiction of Australia's election process:

18. This conversation, which backfired on itself:

19. This important media coverage of Bill Shorten:

20. This shade thrown at Tony Abbott:

21. And this message which basically sums up how all of Australia feels right now:

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