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25 Times JB Hi-Fi Employees Proved They Really Don't Get Paid Enough

Honestly, these employees deserve a raise.

1. When they expertly snuck in this Simpsons reference.

@PRODIIGY_19 / Via

2. And this RuPaul's Drag Race meme.

@aussiedivo / Via

3. When they summed up Game of Thrones in a single sentence.

@e_ri_aru / Via

4. When they employed one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's finest to help review one of their movies.

@thelostandthefound / Via

5. And Gordon Ramsay himself to pass judgment on this cooking game.

@dippizuka / Via

6. When they were just as obsessed with the "Baby Shark" song as the rest of us were.

@lamiepollis / Via

7. When they displayed their love for all things Nicolas Cage.

@bedejermyn / Via

8. When they gave some hilarious but handy Wi-Fi suggestions.

@modmove / Via

9. When they were brutally honest with their reviews.

@Vuldetrada / Via

10. And weren't afraid to tell it like it is.

@millyellen / Via

11. When they spoke to every retail worker's soul.

@HOIYA / Via

12. When they couldn't resist making the perfect Christmas-themed pun.

@nikita_allan / Via

13. Or any sort of pun really.

@gossage91 / Via

14. When they used the perfect meme to sell their products.

@Battlhax / Via

15. Not once...

@owen_alotofmoney / Via

16. Not twice...

@charliecinema33 / Via

17. But literally every single time.

@stackmagazine / Via

18. When they designed a slightly more relatable cover for this Pokémon game.

@AussieManny / Via

19. And decided to put a golfing spin on this pre-owned version of Far Cry.

@RaiTheThingy / Via

20. When they helped us understand the youth of today.

@stackmagazine / Via

21. When they completely nailed the plot of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

@ouyangromeo / Via

22. When they inspired every former emo to make a comeback.

@messymolkomemes / Via

23. When they made some subtle gift suggestions for Father's Day.

@_karla_maree_ / Via

24. When they used diagrams to get their point across.

@x_furyofthenight_x / Via

25. And lastly, when they delivered this epic Nickelback roast.

@captaindribbles / Via

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