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    21 Tweets That Will Make Your Inner Emo Cackle With Laughter

    "I'm all panic and no disco."


    my friends: you better not play any of that dumb early 2000s emo music me going for the aux chord:


    [lead singer of Blink 182 meeting the angel from their nightmares, the shadow in the background of the morgue, the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley] "Hello there"


    i write sins not tragedies and mr. brightside are two timeless songs that still get played on mainstream pop radio stations despite the fact that they're both over 10 years old. i doubt this level of iconic will ever be reached again in our lifetime. in this essay i will



    when the weather starts getting nice but the only outfits you look good in are all black


    Kids are lucky having Apple Music on their phones now I would just listen to blink 182 all the small things and Usher yeah on repeat for 2hrs during car rides on my iPod Nano im pretty sure it fukd me up mentally


    IHOb = I - I chime in with a H - "Haven't you people ever heard O - of closing a goddamn door?" No, it's much b - better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality


    you've heard of panic! at the Disco, now get ready for


    thats so sad :(( alexa play american idiot


    the fact that i own a brand new pair of converse that i have absolutely no desire to destroy by writing nevershoutnever lyrics all over is how i know im truly a functioning adult now


    good charlotte: this is the anthem throw all your hands up me:


    Bruce Wayne didn’t become Batman until he was 30 It doesn’t matter how old you are There’s still time for a full blown dramatic goth phase



    [in the city, to see a marching band] me: this is fun! father: son, when you grow up Would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned? me: what father: will you defeat them your demons and all the nonbelievers? The plans that they have made? me: I’m 8


    Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects is the best diss track out there. “Truth be told I miss you, truth be told I’m LYIN” that shit straight up savage


    This is exactly how it feels going from an Emo Scene Teen to a Refined Aesthetic Goth Adult


    hi can all locals and frat boys put the Vans back on the shelf so I can FINALLY once and for all know who’s emo thank you


    black jeans that doesn’t fade two days after wearing them? pls where are u


    Is your child texting about 2000s emo? INAP: Its Not A Phase IWDFPW: I Would Die For Pete Wentz INCILTDC: Im Not Crying Im Listening To Deathcab RMILYID: Rawr Means I Love You In Dinosaur COOMCAIBDJF: Comin Out Of My Cage And Ive Been Doin Just Fine OMW: Oh Mcr Whydidyoubreakup


    emo hair over the years has slowly transitioned into evil tobey spiderman 3 hair