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29 Hilarious Tweets That Are A Perfect Representation Of Adulting

"The retirement age needs to be lowered to 25. I've had enough."


Me at 14: *reads three Harry Potter books in one day* Me at 27: *sees a text that’s longer than 2 sentences* holy shit, I just do not have the time for this


I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% overworked and mentally drained but still doing my best to maintain a well balanced life


Adulting is balancing your job + money, friend/relationships and your personal time with yourself, paying your credit card on time all while keeping your emotions in tact. #Adulting


ive been thinking about it and ive realized it is in my financial best interest to pass away


me: is there a spirit in my house ouija board: *slides to yes* me: great your portion of the rent is 650 it’s due the first of the month ouija board: F U C K


Hot-desking: Having decided that millennials will never own homes. Let's make sure they can't even have their own spaces at work.


me at 14: can’t wait to travel the whole world once i’m earning my own money me now: mustn’t forget that tupperware at work, it’s my only one


18th birthday: cant wait to be 21 19th birthday: cant wait to be 21 20th birthday: cant wait to be 21 21st birthday: YEET 22nd birthday: time is fleeting; my days left on this earth are numbered


When you become a grown up, people stop asking you what your favourite dinosaur is. They don't even care.


adult friendship is lots of cancelled plans and missed calls and missed phone dates and then really intense quick catch ups with life changing news that we laugh about and then text right after "I love you"


Does anyone wake up in the morning and actually feel well rested??? I mean WTF...it’s like I go to sleep hoping to feel refreshed when I wake up and I still feel so tired...is this adulting and when does it stop???


Adulting means checking your email religiously



Cooked a stir fry. It was awful. Binned. Baked garlic bread to avoid starving. Forgot about it. Burnt. Boiled some eggs for snack tomorrow. Didn’t realise eggs were cracked. Disaster. Gave up and went to bed. Picked up water bottle. Spilt all over sheets and crotch. Am tired.


adulting really is managing one inconvenience after another, daily. lmao wild.


Sorry for the delay. = I am not. Sorry for the delay! = I've been busy Sorry for the delay!!!! = Things are a bit chaotic Sorry for the delay!!!!!!!!!!!!#!@#!!!!!!?!!!!!!!! = Please place me under a falling anvil


*Does nothing all week* me: https://t.co/uzlKKAdt17


Googling phone numbers you don’t recognise instead of actually answering the phone


me begging myself to get my shit together



nobody tell dolly we work from 9 til 9 now :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((



I used to have an average 5 hours of sleep every night in college for 4 years and get all the energy I need for the day. Now, I get to sleep for 8 or even 10 hours every night and I feel sleepy all the time wtf is adulting


Being an adult is opening the dishwasher and yelling "ARE THESE CLEAN OR DIRTY?" until you die


when i am emailed for any reason whatsoever




By the time you turn 30 you should have at least one of the following: 1. A drawer full of random cords 2. Tupperware with half the lids missing 3. Anxiety 4. A collection of plastic bags full of other plastic bags 5. Sleep deprivation


The retirement age needs to be lowered to 25. I’ve had enough