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    Aussies Have Been Stockpiling Toilet Paper In Response To The Coronavirus — Here Are The Best Tweets About It

    No, but seriously — anyone got some TP to spare?

    As you've probably heard — or seen at your local Coles or Woolies — Aussies have been panic buying basic supplies, like toilet paper, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

    So people are panic buying in Sydney. This used to be the toilet paper aisle. #coronavirus

    And as expected, Aussies have come through with some A+ responses to sum up #Toiletgate. Here are the best ones!


    A friend is worried we’ll have to start using newspaper if #toiletpaper panic continues. Depending which one you choose, this could be quite a satisfying use for it.


    Shopping in Sydney right now #coronavirusaus #Sydney #pulpfiction #toiletpaper


    When my grandchildren ask how I survived the great #toiletpaper #panicbuying shortage of 2020, I’ll tell them how my copy of 50 Shades of Grey was finally good for something.


    The only thing Aussies should be stockpiling is beer, Tims Tams and Vegemite and yet you idiots are all choosing bog roll? #toiletpaper


    why do i feel like the people who are stockpiling #toiletpaper are also the type of people to not wash their hands after using a public bathroom


    $4.99 no offers. Pick up only at Lindfield #toiletpaper


    I’ve got a 24-pack of extra thick Kleenex toilet rolls and roughly $14k in HECS debt, let’s make a deal. #toiletpaper


    Just overheard a discussion on #panicbuying Person 1 - Mate, people have cleared the #toiletpaper aisle in coles and woolies. Person 2 - yeah , very concerning so what now 🤔 ? Person 1 - Perhaps can try Gum leaves, heard they r medicinal and koalas aint gonna eat all. Me -


    This is fkn hilarious! (Facebook Marketplace) #coronavirus #toiletpaper


    Current state of shopping in Australia #toiletpaper #coronavirus


    Now that #toiletpaper is sold out, I wonder if K-mart is going to have a rush on 10-pack undies. Too far? Nah, I can hear some cars starting up now.


    Testing out back up options #toiletpapergate #toiletpaper


    Live footage of Australian Supermarkets over the past 2 days. #toiletpaper


    Australians: Should we be worried about the #Coronavirus? Scott Morrison: There is absolutely no reason to panic. Australians: #ScottyFromMarketing #toiletpaper


    The real reason we are experiencing a run on toilet paper in Australia? The number of shitheads out there has reached critical mass. #toiletpaper


    fools make a run for the last scraps of toilet paper kings head for the bunnings aisle with the garden hoses


    The year is 2020, the economy has collapsed and toilet paper is our new currency.


    Australian society is rapidly separating into the toilet paper haves & have-nots


    Anyone got a spare roll of toilet paper? This government is giving me the shits


    customers when there’s no tissues, toilet paper or hand sanitiser in the store


    You, an idiot: panic buying 6 months supply of toilet paper Me, a genius: calmly buying 6 months worth of reduced to clear Greek yoghurt


    me tryna figure out what to wipe my ass with now toilet paper is running out in australia


    It's the year 2028. The world's population is now halved and money is no longer important. The richest man on the planet is Gary from Rockingham who has 4093 rolls of toilet paper.


    The Great Toilet Paper Shortage has to be the most ridiculous thing in Australian history since we went to war against the emus...and lost.


    For reals tho I need toilet paper urgently I only have one roll left but I’m too shame to go and buy a packet in case ppl think I’m panic-buying it