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    Every Character On "Elite" Ranked From "Forgettable" To "Threesome Worthy"

    Things are about to get real spicy.

    Last week, Netflix dropped Season 4 of Elite, everyone's favourite red-hot Spanish thriller that follows the lives of students attending Las Encinas — a prestigious private school.


    As per usual, there were a lot of steamy sex scenes (emphasis on the steamy, if you know what I mean), a mystery to unravel and a bunch of new characters to welcome.


    Now, I've been a fan of Elite ever since it first dropped on Netflix. So, after watching it for four seasons, I thought it was high time we ranked the characters from worst to best — especially since I have thoughts on the new ones. So, let's get into it!

    Also FYI — there'll be some spoilers ahead, in case you haven’t watched Season 4 yet!

    20. Malick


    I'm trying to think of a redeeming quality of Malick's, but I literally can't??? Like, this dude really just came into Season 3, played with Nadia's feelings and wreaked havoc on Omar and Ander's relationship, huh? 

    I'm glad he flew to New York and was never heard from again. Thank you, next.

    19. Yeray


    I'm sorry to say this, but Yeray is the definition of a side character. He had, like, two lines, a very minor storyline and then straight up disappeared. This doesn't make him the worst, just forgettable and kind of boring, tbh. 

    18. Phillippe


    The only reason why this privileged rat isn't last is because he slightly redeemed himself at the end of Season 4. He admitted to sexually abusing someone and took responsibility for his actions — unlike his mother. He's still shit though, so we'll leave him here.

    17. Nano


    I feel like Nano fans are going to attack me for this, but look — Nano's hot. He's gorgeous, real easy on the eyes, love him in a shirtless scene, not going to argue with you there. But in terms of character development, did he really have anything? I feel like he got shacked into this relationship with Marina, got accused of her murder and then vanished (for good reason, but doesn't make for much of a character to root for, right?). 

    16. Marina


    Yeah, Marina could be annoying at heck, but she was also a teenager, you know? It can be easy to forget in Elite, but they're all meant to be high schoolers lol. Plus, the show needed us to hate her for multiple reasons, so we wouldn't know who killed her. In conclusion, she was never my fave, but she's iconic because it was her murder that started it all. 

    15. Patrick


    Patrick made Season 4 of Elite extra spicy, which we love because he's a gorgeous human being. But, at the same time, I found his character so, so, so boring. We didn't get any insight into his background and he was basically eye candy, going between Omar, Ander and then back again. 

    It was frustrating because he could have been a lot more fleshed out! Maybe that's coming next season, who knows. 

    14. Ari


    Alright, I'm just going to say that it — Ari feels like a watered down version of Lu and Carla. Like, I think the Elite writers thought they could fill the gap left by their characters by bringing in Ari, but it failed big time. Also, why did they make her the focus of the ~mystery~? I couldn't care less if she had died because she was a new character. 

    She does get points for her outfits though and I do adore her hair. She just needs more of a personality and then I can really get behind her.

    13. Christian


    Oh, Christian, my love. You were done so, so, so dirty and I still cannot believe it. And look, I get that Miguel Herrán is on Money Heist and probably needed a quick wrap up to his character because he couldn't commit to both series. But that doesn't mean I have to like Christian's secret Switzerland send off!!! 

    Christian was so charismatic and funny — he was the comic relief to all the drama and Elite doesn't really have that touch anymore. Oh, and his threesome with Polo and Carla in Season 1 was TRULY a moment.

    12. Mencía


    First off, I am fully obsessed with Mencía's aesthetic and want all her clothes and accessories in my wardrobe right now. She's also the only one of her siblings to get a decent storyline and, in all honesty, carried a lot of Season 4. Her relationship with Rebe was sweet and important in so many ways because I think it pushed forward both of their characters. So, I'm here for her!

    11. Samuel


    Ughhhh, Samu. I have a love-hate relationship with you. You have so much heart and loyalty to your friends and also the sweetest, puppy dog eyes I have ever seen. You made it very easy to have a crush on you and I loved your relationship with Carla — but after that, what happened to your storyline, dude??? And then the whole MESS with Ari? Like, I would love something to happen to Samu that doesn't involve his brother or hooking up with someone. 

    10. Omar


    Okay, hear me out Omar stans — I like Omar a whole lot. I've loved watching him becoming more and more comfortable and open with his sexuality and overcome hurdles with his parents. Plus, Ander and him are relationship goals. Except, we can't forget that Omar LITERALLY cheated on Ander by hooking up with his sister's boyfriend. Like, what???????? I still don't understand. 

    Also, who is Omar without Ander, you know? I feel like this became clear in Season 4 where he literally doesn't have any individual storylines. Like Samu, he just needs something of his own to progress his character.

    9. Cayetana


    Look, I'm surprised too, but after watching Season 4, I now believe in Cayetana supremacy. This girl carried that whole season on her back — she asserted her dominance while looking like absolute fire in her fits. We truly love to see it and as you've probably guessed by now, I'm a simp for good character development, which lands Cayetana in the top 10.

    Although, I will say that if you asked me my thoughts on Cayetana prior to Season 4, I would have ranked her near last.

    8. Valerio


    I believe Valerio is, hands down, one of the most underrated characters in Elite. He started off as the typical party animal, but he made every single scene he was in interesting and full of drama — and I lived for it, of course. Bring him back!

    7. Nadia


    NADIA, MY INTELLECTUAL QUEEN!!! I love that she's always stayed true to herself and her ambitions. In fact, the only thing I hate about Nadia's character is that she left — like, the sheer audacity of not giving us more Guzman and Nadia doing long distance moments. Also, I'm choosing to forget that they broke up.

    6. Carla


    Unlike the others, I think Carla's character only got better as the Elite seasons progressed. She started off as an icy queen and ended as an icy queen — who also opened her heart up to someone she thought she never would. Also, I would gladly eat some macaroni with her any day of the week.

    5. Ander


    Ander is a precious cinnamon roll, but I will not forgive the Elite writers for giving him cancer out of nowhere and scaring all of us like that. WE THOUGHT HE WOULD DIE!!!! I will admit that his character has become a bit meh (the whole Patrick x Ander x Omar thing was steamy, yes, but it didn't go anywhere), but I will always love his non-judgemental nature and the way he loves his friends and family.

    4. Rebeka


    First of all, a moment for this neon dream that Rebeka wore — like HELLO QUEEN. Alright, like Cayetana I didn't really care that much about Rebe until Season 4. She really shone this season and we got to see her let her guard down, as she embraced her feelings towards Mencía. Also, she gets a heck of a lot of points for her no fucks attitude. Like, I don't think I can be Rebe, but I want a Rebe in my life to protect me, if you get what I mean? 

    3. Polo


    Looking back on all of the Elite characters, Polo is seriously one of the best. Love him or hate him, his transition from preppy, gorgeous rich boy to murderer was what made Elite what it is. He was complex, he was interesting and he had a beautifully tragic ending that wrapped up his storyline perfectly. 

    2. Guzmán


    I somehow became a real simp for Guzmán over the seasons and I don't quite know how I got here. Maybe it's when he wore a harness to Lu's Valentine Day party or maybe it's when he realised his feelings for Nadia and stopped being such a dick. Although, he really switched gears in Season 4, but I'm choosing to ignore that. 

    In all honesty, I think that's why I adore Guzmán — he really did start off as this obnoxious character, but he put aside his attitude and ego and grew to be a better person. Like, remember when he confessed that he loved Nadia? Or when he and Lu became really good friends? Love it, love him. 

    1. Lu


    Is it any surprise that our queen is right at the top? It’s exactly where she deserves to be. Now, I'll be the first to say it — I didn't love Lu at the beginning. She was a typical bossy, bitchy queen bee, but she grew to become so much more than that — especially in Season 3. It was during that season that we saw how layered and nuanced Lu is as a character — she finally felt like a real person, instead of a cliché. I also loved her developing relationship with Nadia and Valerio, as well as her English quips, which will forever be iconic. And that's why Lu is the best character in Elite, of course.

    Alright, now it's your turn. Sound off your most and least favourite Elite characters and thoughts on Season 4!


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