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    13 Very Good Girls And Boys That Are Here To Take Your Mind Off Things

    Just a lil' something to make you smile.

    Hi everyone! With the constant updates about the coronavirus, things have been feeling a bit doom and gloom, right?

    So, to help all of us cheer up for a couple of minutes, I decided to ask the BuzzFeed Australia office to share photos of their adorable pets. Enjoy!

    1. This gorgeous, floofy boi named Bailey who just wants to say "HEMLO!".

    2. This regal kitty named Moose who I want to cuddle IMMEDIATELY.

    3. This senior doggo named Lex — short for Alexander — who spends his days sunbathing and taking long walks.

    4. This heckin' cute kitter named Kepler — also known as "Sir Angory The Floof".

    5. This teeny weeny pupper named Winston who is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

    6. This purrfect duo named Leo and Luna who are the best of friends.

    7. This happy pupper named Charlie who is absolutely a 10/10 on the cuteness scale.

    8. This catto named Scooter, who looks adorable AF, but is actually VERY mischievous.

    9. This photogenic girl named Mishka who is sweeter than a bag full of sugar.

    10. This sleeping beauty named Koji who would make the ultimate cuddle buddy.

    11. This chonky doggo named Rambo who lives for the morning sunlight coming in through the window.

    12. This sweet pupper named Vash who loves showering his friends with smooches.

    13. And lastly, this troublesome two named Maggie and Dwight who made me squeal in my self-isolation because they are so damn cute.