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    27 McDonald's Menu Items That People Will Probably Never Get To Enjoy Ever Again

    Two words: Bubblegum McFlurry.

    1. Pasta Zoo and Sipahh straws

    Flickr: Rinoa / Via Flickr: rinoa, McDonald's

    What it was: Little bits of animal-shaped ravioli, served with "goo sauce" (tomato sauce) and tongs (to pick up, dip and eat the pasta) in a hippo-shaped box. It also came with a Sipahh straw, which would flavour the milk.

    Why we need it back: Sure, it probably won't taste as good as we all remember, but it's all about the nostalgia and fun that comes with eating Pasta Zoo (the tongs!). Also, the kids today are totally missing out!

    2. Bubblegum McFlurry

    Flickr: a3aanse / Via Flickr: a3aanse

    What it was: Soft serve, blue bubblegum sauce and marshmallows. 

    Why we need it back: I feel personally attacked by Macca's because I always wanted to try this flavour, but never got the chance to because it was RUDELY taken away. Rumour is that this is one of the best McFlurry flavours to exist though!

    3. Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap


    What it was: Crispy chicken breast with a sweet chilli sauce, mayo, lettuce, cucumber, served in a tortilla wrap.

    Why we need it back: Sometimes you go to Macca's and you're craving something a little bit ~healthier~, even though it's fast food at the end of the day. This is where the McWraps came in — delicious, satisfying and filled with an extra bit of salad to help you feel a little less guilty for stuffing your face.

    4. McFeast

    Flickr: Chris Bloom / Via Flickr: bigshock, Flickr: Like_the_grand_canyon / Via Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon

    What it was: A beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, pickles, three sauces (mustard, tomato sauce and a "McFeast deluxe sauce") — all served on a sesame seed bun.

    Why we need it back: The McFeast has been a fan-favourite ever since it debuted on the Macca's menu way back in the 1990s. There was a reason Macca's removed this one so quietly — they knew the uproar that would follow.

    5. Loaded fries (including both the gravy and truffle mayo and parmesan flavours)


    What it was: Basically, McDonald's chips — but made even better with addition toppings, like gravy or truffle-flavoured mayo and parmesan cheese).

    Why we need it back: Late-night Macca's runs were made that much better when you were stuffing your gob full of gravy-topped chips. It was the PERFECT thing to eat after having one too many at the pub.

    6. McOz

    Flickr: klew97 / Via Flickr: klew97

    What it was: A beef patty, fried egg, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onions, mustard and tomato sauce on a sesame seed bun.

    Why we need it back: I have memories of my mum ordering the McOz because she loved beetroot, so quite frankly it's rude of Macca's to deny my mum — as well as the rest of Australia — from enjoying this classic Aussie burger.

    7. "The Dog" Happy Meal Toys

    McDonald's, Gumtree

    What it was: These adorable toys called "The Dog", which you received when ordering a Happy Meal.

    Why we need it back: I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like Happy Meal toys have gone down the drain. Like, when I was a kid we had these super cute "The Dog" toys — and you would be so keen on collecting all of them, that you would ask your parents to get extra when ordering your Happy Meal (from memory it would cost $2 to get an additional toy).

    8. Custard Pies

    McDonald's, / Via

    What it was: Crispy pastry with a hot custard filling.

    Why we need it back: Does this really need to be explained? My mouth is already salivating at the thought of biting into one of these.

    9. McVeggie

    10. Chicken 'N' Mayo Burger


    What it was: A chicken patty, lettuce and mayo served in a soft bun — the sort you would get if you ordered a Filet-O-Fish. 

    Why we need it back: Part of the "Loose Change" menu, the chicken and mayo burger was a delish and easy snack that only set people back $2. That's right, TWO DOLLARS.

    11. Mocha Frappé

    Flickr: Willis Lam / Via Flickr: 85567416@N03

    What it was: Chocolate and coffee blended with ice, served with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate.

    Why we need it back: I had to check the McDonald's Australia website multiple times to confirm that mocha frappés were no longer sold because it's just not right. Like, it's a staple of any cafe menu, so what's the deal McCafe? You've got regular mochas, so why can't you turn them into frappés again???

    12. Spicy McNuggets


    What it was: McNuggets, but ~spicy~ and they were also served with a chilli dipping sauce.

    Why we need it back: As someone who regularly enjoys spicy food, I'll say it here and now that if Macca's bring these back, my McNugget consumption will go through the roof — because damn, they tasted good.

    13. Shaker Fries

    14. Gourmet Creations range


    What it was: A burger range which had fancy ingredients, like aioli, caramelised onions and brioche buns. Included in the range was: Gourmet Classic Angus, Gourmet Angus Cheeseburger, Gourmet Angus Truffle Cheese, Gourmet Homestyle Angus, Gourmet Classic Chicken and Gourmet Chicken Caesar.

    Why we need it back: The gourmet creations were legitimately good and the perfect thing to eat if you felt like a fancy burger, but didn't want to pay an arm and leg for it (I'm looking at you, overpriced cafes charging me over $20 for a simple burg!!!). 

    15. Spicy Jalapeño Burger


    What it was: Grilled or crispy chicken, shredded lettuce, jalapeños and jalapeño sauce on a sesame seed bun.

    Why we need it back: I've said it once and I'll say it again — more spicy options at McDonald's. The public can handle it!

    16. All-day breakfast

    Flickr: Brian Chow / Via Flickr: free-stuff

    What it was: The ability to get McMuffins, hotcakes and other delish Macca's breakfast faves all day long.

    Why we need it back: Because sometimes you feel like hotcakes for lunch and there's nothing wrong with that. Plus, if you've had a huge night of drinking, there's no way you're making it to Macca's in time for that 10:30am breakfast cut-off.

    17. McRib


    What it was: A pork patty shaped like a mini rack of ribs, BBQ sauce, onions and pickles, served on a sandwich roll. 

    Why we need it back: The last time this iconic menu item was seen on Australian shores was back in 2012 — so I would say we're long overdue for the McRib to make a comeback.

    18. El Maco

    19. Chicken Big Mac

    20. Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry

    21. McDouble

    Flickr: Like_the_grand_canyon / Via Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon

    What it was: Two beef patties, a slice of cheese, pickles, chopped onions, tomato sauce and mustard.

    Why we need it back: Another staple of the "Loose Change" menu, the McDouble — priced at only $2 — gave you twice the meat without asking for twice the price.

    22. Banana Caramel Pie

    23. Brownie Melts

    McDonald's / @urmcdonalds / Via Twitter: @urmcdonalds

    What it was: Brownies drizzled in hot chocolate and icing.

    Why we need it back: These were revoltingly sweet, but in the best way possible.

    24. Shrek Green Apple-Flavoured Frozen Fanta


    What it was: Green apple-flavoured Frozen Fanta! It was added to the menu to celebrate the release of Shrek Forever After in 2010.

    Why we need it back: For those that never got the chance to try the green apple-flavoured Frozen Fanta, it was truly something else. Refreshing, delicious, sweet and also sort of tangy — it was a god-level tier flavour that I would happily drink all through summer and winter.

    25. Shrek Swamp Sludge McFlurry

    Reddit: u/antdancast / Via

    What it was: Soft serve, chunks of chocolate fudge brownie and green M&Ms. Like the green apple-flavoured Frozen Fanta, it was a menu item to promote Shrek.

    Why we need it back: If you're a fan of choc-mint (hello Mint Slice lovers!), this would have been your fave McFlurry flavour. It had brownies, it had M&Ms and it tasted SO DAMN GOOD.

    26. Mozzarella Sticks

    27. And finally, BLT McMuffin

    Which discontinued McDonald's menu item do you wish would make a comeback?