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    28 Iconic Australian Foods That Have Been Discontinued And Need To Be Brought Back

    I'd give anything to have one last KFC Krusher.

    On Reddit, u/BaneWilliams asked the Australian community what discontinued food they missed the most. The responses were super nostalgic and unlocked so many memories for me. So, here are some of the top-voted responses from the thread!

    2. In A Biskit Crispy Potato


    3. Blackcurrant Mini Wheats

    4. KFC Krushers

    KFC Australia


    5. Sunnyboys

    Reddit: u/a_frog_on_stilts / Via


    6. OG Nacho Cheese Shapes


    "The new ones taste like vomit, but the originals were the best. They've brought back all the originals so far except nacho cheese."


    7. OG Milo Bars

    Evan Amos / Wikimedia Commons / Via

    8. Pollywaffles

    9. Nesquik Banana


    10. Pascall Columbines



    11. Burger Man chips

    12. Kettle Honey Baked Ham Chips

    Flickr: Christopher Swan / Via Flickr: mechristopher

    13. 3D Doritos

    Reddit: u/sneakycurbstomp / Via

    14. Australian Choice "The Decadent" Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Kmart Australia / Via Facebook: KmartAustralia

    15. Brownes Yogo Dirt Dessert


    16. Arnott's Lattice Biscuits

    "Arnott's have lost the plot."


    17. Maggi Tomato Noodles


    18. Incredibites



    19. Arnott's Coffee Scrolls

    20. Wonka Wicked Choc Mud Sludge


    21. Quatro Biscuits


    22. Smith's Big Red Tomato Chips

    Flickr: Ryan Smith / Via Flickr: ryanthescooterguy

    23. Milky Way Spread

    Shopee / Via

    24. Smith's The Full Monty Chips


    25. Pepsi Blue

    HostageCat / Wikimedia Commons / Via


    26. Muncheros


    "Engrained in my taste memory as the best corn chip ever. I’d give anything to try them again."


    27. McOz

    Flickr: Klew97 / Via Flickr: klew97

    28. KFC Mashies

    What discontinued foods do you miss from your childhood? Let us know in the comments!