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    23 Fast-Food Menu Items That People Will Probably Never Get To Enjoy Again

    Getting rid of Krushers is the worst decision KFC has ever made.

    A banner saying KFC

    1. Krushers (especially the Golden Gaytime flavour).

    A Golden Gaytime KFC Krusher on a table with Golden Gaytime ice creams behind it

    2. Mashies.

    3. Popcorn Chicken Slab.

    A hand holding a KFC dinner role filled with popcorn chicken, BBQ and cheese sausce

    4. Hot & Spicy.

    A bucket of hot and spicy KFC chicken

    5. "The Works" Zinger burger.

    'The Works' Zinger burger on a table

    6. Dipping Feast.

    Chicken tenders and chips with a line of sauces down the middle

    7. BBQ Bacon Roller.

    A BBQ Bacon Roller

    8. Toasted Twisters.

    A KFC order featuring a toasted Twister, chips, a drink and sauce packets

    9. McRib.

    A McRib burger in a box

    10. Bubblegum McFlurry.

    11. Shaker Fries.

    12. Chicken Big Mac.

    13. Custard pie.

    A hand holding a custard pie in a McDonald's packaging box

    14. Chicken 'n' Mayo Burger.

    An ad for a chicken 'n' mayo burger

    15. Spicy McNuggets.

    Spicy McNuggets in a McDonald's box

    16. Loaded fries.

    Loaded friends topped with gravy

    17. Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap.

    A sweet chilli chicken wrap

    18. Tendercrisp burger.

    A Tendercrisp burger

    19. Chicken Fries.

    A hand holding up a box of chicken fries; in the background a friend is holding a thumbs-up sign

    20. Cheesy Cheeseburger.

    An ad for the cheesy cheeseburger

    21. The Aussie.

    The Aussie burger

    22. OG Grilled Chicken Burger.

    A grilled chicken burger from Hungry Jack's

    23. And lastly, puff pastry crust on Domino's pizza.

    A box of Domino's pizza with puff pastry crust

    What other discontinued fast-food items need to make a comeback? Let us know in the comments.