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    Daryl Braithwaite Just Reacted To A Bunch Of Hilarious Tweets About "The Horses"

    What an Aussie legend.

    There's no doubt that Daryl Braithwaite is a household name in Australia. Since the 1960s, this musical legend has been releasing banger after banger.

    Daryl Braithwaite singing at a concert
    Graham Denholm / Getty Images

    But, when you talk about Daryl's most popular song, two words come to mind: "The Horses".

    Daryl Braithwaite singing in "The Horses" video clip
    Sony Music Productions / Via

    Yep, this song has transformed into the unofficial Australian anthem and is renowned for being played in clubs, with every person screaming the chorus as loud as they can.

    Daryl Braithwaite singing in "The Horses" video clip
    Sony Music Productions / Via

    *Flashbacks to all those drunken nights pre-COVID19, where everyone would be roaring "That's the way it's gonna be little darling...we'll be riding on the horses, YEAH!!!"*

    It's even spawned a bunch of memes, so with that in mind, we thought it would be hilarious to get Daryl's reaction to some of the funniest "The Horses" tweets we could find.

    A meme showing a hand turning up the volume gauge and someone screaming while wearing headphones; the caption reads, "me whenever 'The Horses' by Daryl Braithwaite comes on"
    Isha Bassi / BuzzFeed


    *”The Horses” by Daryl Braithwaite comes on* My brain: Don’t say it, don’t say, don’t say it Me: BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY IT’S GONNA BE LITTLE DARLING, WE'll BE RIDING THE HORSES YEAH!!!!!

    Via Twitter: @AstonClare
    BuzzFeed Australia

    After pondering the tweet for a while, Daryl continued: "Well, thank you for that."

    This is where we stepped in and explained to Daryl that this was part of a popular meme format, where the person was basically trying to resist singing the lyrics to "The Horses", but couldn't because it's so catchy.

    Offering up his own response to the tweet, Daryl said, "I reckon just ignore the chorus. Cut it out and go straight to the next verse."


    the year is 2061, daryl braithwaite is somehow still alive and performing the horses at your local rsl. meat raffle coming up next. #thevoiceau

    BuzzFeed Australia

    When Daryl stopped laughing, he said: "Well, that is just impossible. This person...where are you?!"

    He continued, "Anyway, I can't answer, but meat raffle...god, love them."


    daryl braithwaite “the horses” playing while the summer rain hits the tin roof is definition of australian culture

    BuzzFeed Australia

    This seemed like one of Daryl's favourite tweets, as he explained that he's experienced a similar situation when he's performed "The Horses" in the country areas of Western Australia or out in NSW/Queensland.

    He said, "It is amazing when...the whole crowd is singing. You do have these visions in your head. It's like a euphoric experience [and] I just stand there and go that's incredible. So, that tin roof, on a summer's day with the rain — it does fit the picture most definitely."


    If you play Daryl Braithwaite's 'The Horses' at 11:58:50pm on New Year's Eve that first "that's the way it's GONNA BE little darling, we'll be riding on the horses YEAH YEAH" will play right as the clock strikes midnight. Start off your new year right.

    BuzzFeed Australia

    Not realising this was an old meme format, Daryl's first impression of this tweet was that the author had "gone to a lot of trouble to work it out methodically." (BLESS!!!!)

    But, upon reflecting on the tweet and his career, Daryl said: "I never would have thought — looking back to when I starting singing in a band back in 1970 — that something like this would happen with that song ['The Horses']. The concern and love that people have for's quite extraordinary."

    And when asked if he would be willing to test it out to ring in 2021, Daryl said: "Well, I would in my own backyard since we won't be allowed out or playing. But, I'll give it a go and bring in the new year."


    i just love me some daryl braithwaite, ride it horse daddy 🐎🐎🐎

    BuzzFeed Australia

    After looking visibly disturbed about what his fans tweet about, Daryl said: "What language is this?"

    He then had a laugh and concluded, "They obviously liked the song."

    Want to see the rest of Daryl's reactions to "The Horses" tweets? You can watch the full video here!

    View this video on YouTube

    Plus, if you're wondering what Daryl is up to these days, he's just released a new single called "Love Songs". You can find it on YouTube, stream it on Spotify or go old school and buy the CD.