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    I Watched The "Dance Academy" Movie For The First Time And It Was Way More Emotional Than I Expected

    God, this made me feel nostalgic.

    For those that need a refresher, Dance Academy was an iconic Aussie kids' show about a bunch of teens attending Sydney's National Academy Of Dance.


    Besides the crazy good performances, there was drama, romance, wholesome moments and one very traumatising death that I'm still not over.


    You know the one I'm talking about. 😭

    Although the series ended in 2013, there was a movie released a few years later called Dance Academy: The Comeback, which takes place 18 months after the events of Season 3.

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    Now, although I grew up watching Dance Academy — and have recently rewatched the entire series on Netflix — I've never had a chance to watch the movie. So, here are my thoughts as I delve into it for the very first time...

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    1. Oh boy, I'm not sure if I'm emotionally prepared for this. But it's been three years since this bad boy came out, so let's do this.

    2. There better not be another character death and if there is I'm suing.

    3. Ah, Tara (Xenia Goodwin) is narrating again. This feels nostalgic, as do those cute photos of the cast from the series.

    4. What...what are these notes on Tara's essay? They're pretty intense.

    5. Ohhhhhhhhhh wait, I totally forgot that Tara was writing a book about her experiences at the Academy.

    6. I'm squealing — this writer's group just compared Ethan to "Edward Cullen in tights". The gall, the audacity....but okay, I also kind of see it.

    7. Tara has named her main character Cara, which is just...not subtle at all lmao.

    8. I rarely watch Australian movies (I know, I need to do better), but it's very nice seeing the Sydney Opera House in the background.

    9. Wait, it's Abigail (Dena Kaplan)! And she's performing!!! AHHHHHH!

    10. I kind of feel proud. Like, yes she was a grade A bitch most of the time, but she was one of the most talented dancers and deserved to succeed.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    11. Ouch, Tara is working at a bar while watching Abigail perform on a TV screen. This is so sad, Tara belongs on the stage.

    12. Oh my god, they're TALKING?! I guess it's only been 18 months after Season 3, but I don't know. I guess I'm surprised they kept in touch and are playing nice.

    13. Activated almonds and kombucha? Wow, Abigail is still that bitch™ — and I love that for her.

    14. Kat's (Alicia Banit) face is on the back of a taxi, which means you know she's ~famous~ now.

    15. Oh wait, she's a performer for a kids' show? No shade, I just expected her to end up somewhere else. Like, remember when she had that whole audition thing with the Adam Saunders character and was in a music video? Good times.

    16. Yes, Christian (Jordan Rodrigues) is here! I remember how big of a crush I used to (ahem, yes, USED TO) have on him.

    17. Wow, the long's a, uh, look. His dance movies still make the ovaries get excited though and he's teaching at the Sammy Lieberman Memorial Studio, which is sweet.

    18. RED ALERT, RED ALERT — Christian is kissing Tara. I guess they're back together now.

    19. This flashback to the moment Tara slipped on that bead and injured her back is kind of painful to watch.



    20. Ms Raine (Tara Morice) complimenting Tara on her "artistic and rare ability" is life goals. I can feel the self-validation through the screen.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    21. The actor playing Madeline looks VERY familiar. She kind of looks like Miranda Otto.

    22. Okay, I looked it up on Wikipedia. It is Miranda Otto. What a queen!

    23. I have so much respect for ballet dancers. Being dropped from a height sounds absolutely terrifying.

    24. Of course there had to be a picture of Sammy (Thomas Green) and of course I would tear up. Welp.

    25. Oop and there's Abigail in the background arguing with Tara. Yep, this feels like old times.

    26. Hahahahah, Christian calling Tara a "child star" when she's moaning about complicated moves she was able to perform as a 15-year-old is iconic.

    27. I really do love the dynamic that Abigail and Tara have here. Abigail is super tough and strict as a teacher, but Tara doesn't give excuses and listens to her advice. This is GROWTH.

    28. Just about had a heart attack with Tara doing the same stretch she did when that teacher hurt her back. Cool, cool, cool.

    29. Although I was one of those people who preferred Ben with Tara, Christian asking her to move in with him is cute.

    30. Man, I'm lonely. And single. Ugh.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    31. Imagine dropping a lawsuit so you can audition for something, only to be turned away at the first round?! What snakes.

    32. I'm really digging Kat's fringe, it's so CUTE. Maybe I should cut my hair like that again.

    33. Never mind, it's a wig.

    34. Seeing Tara and Kat reunited in New York makes me want to go on a holiday so badly. But alas, Miss Roni is still wreaking havoc and being rude.

    35. Hellooooooo, why is no one saying anything about Kat's pink limousine?


    37. But also, I love that trope of everyone just "coincidentally" being in the same city at the exact same time hehe.

    38. Excuse me, what is this about Ollie being with a record label in LONDON? Did I forget about a whole subplot???

    39. Yikes, that was so cringe. I want to shrivel up and die on Ollie's behalf.

    40. Okay, okay, okay — Ollie is singing the theme song. It's like this movie wants me to cry and look, I don't have to be asked twice.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    41. Who is Xavier and why does he look familiar?

    42. Oh, he played someone in Home And Away. Classic.

    43. "Do I wanna be that guy on the Disney Channel who was famous for five minutes or do I wanna a Hemsworth?" — big Australian vibes lol.

    44. Kavier is probably the worst ship name for a couple I have ever heard.

    45. I just experienced nostalgic whiplash when Kat mentioned Tara pashing a teddy bear. What a throwback to Season 1.

    46. Ben ghosting Tara sounds about right. He's wholesome like a golden retriever, but definitely would be the sort of guy that always forgets to reply.

    47. Hold up...Christian is breaking up with Tara? OVER THE PHONE? That is such a dick move.

    48. Considering their track record though, I am disappointed, but not surprised.

    49. Ms Raine telling Tara to call her Lucy? Big grown up energy, phew.

    50. Ben is here? Uh oh, something fishy is going on.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    51. HIS LEUKAEMIA IS BACK???????? Nooooooo, I thought this movie was going to be a lot more light-hearted.

    52. Side note, this ranch-esque property that Ms Raine has got going is beautiful.

    53. Ben and Tara dancing together is *Italian chef's kiss*.

    54. I am very worried about Tara breaking Ben's heart. But, I guess this is what both of them need right now.

    55. Look, if I was Tara, I would most definitely mend my friendship with Kat so I could stay at a penthouse instead of a hostel. That's just me, though.

    56. Hah, Ben and Tara just kissed. Called it!

    57. Oh no, they're being so awkward now. And talking about ear hair?

    58. Ben just called Christian and Tara an OTP. First of all, how does this gorgeous man know what that means? And second of all, when can I marry him?

    59. There is so much chemistry between Ben and Tara when they're dancing. And the snow raining down? Ugh, perfect, 10/10.

    60. MADELINE, you can't just show up and offer Tara a position in the Corps Ballet??? I'm stressed, Tara is stressed, we're all sTRESSED.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    61. Abigail just referred to Tara as a cockroach that can't be squashed. Hehe, I love her.

    62. I'm so nervous about Tara performing.

    66. And Ben is breathing heavily? Something is going to go wrong, I can feel it.


    68. Okay, I need to breathe. I think Tara is fine, everything is fine.

    69. Kat not having her phone on silent is easily the most unrealistic thing about this movie. What an ugly ringtone.

    70. No, no, no. Ben has a RASH. DO NOT DIE ON ME, BENJAMIN TICKLE.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    71. He collapsed and Tara was told moments before she's due to perform. Oh god, this is reminding me too much of the Sammy episode.

    72. I really just wanted a fun and nostalgic dance movie and instead I'm weeping at my laptop.

    74. OH HELL YEAH, CHRISTIAN CAME TO NEW YORK FOR TARA. Finally, some good vibes.

    75. And the gang is reunited!!!

    76. Wait, Tara has quit the Company? And wants to be a choreographer? And Ollie is dancing Ben's part and Abigail is not performing with the Company, but playing Tara's part??? Holy heck, this is chaos.

    77. Abigail is perfect as Persephone.

    78. The set design, the lighting, the outfits, the choreography — I love everything about this dance.

    79. Oop, guess we're back in Australia now.

    80. And Kat and Ben are an item! I guess he's okay then, phew.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC

    81. Yessss, Tara is following her new dream and she's choreographing her friends! This is sweet, but also such an important moment for her.

    82. And that's it?! No wait, I want more. That can't be the end.

    83. Like what happened to Ethan? And Grace? Is Abigail still in the company?

    84. And did Ben ever change the company name...or is it still Benstara? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

    85. Sigh, guess it's time to go back to the beginning and rewatch Dance Academy.

    Werner Film Productions / ABC