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    I'm Screaming In Absolute Delight At These Photos Of A Six Month Old Koala Joey

    Just look at that little smile!

    Look, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It's been a tough week, a tough month and a tough year. And although things are slowly starting to return to normal, it can be hard to find the joy in-between all the gloom.

    Team Coco / TBS

    But this morning, I was checking my emails and found the most delightful photos. They made me smile, so I thought why not share them with the rest of the world.


    Alright, readers. Let me introduce you to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo's first koala joey of the season.

    WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    Born the size of a jellybean, this little bub is now a little over six months old and weighs just 500g.

    WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    She's spent most of her life inside mum's pouch, but is now old enough to venture out to the world and experience it first-hand.

    WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    And like, can we just take a moment to appreciate this cheeky little smile?

    WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    This koala joey already has my whole heart — I'm in love and I only want the best so she grows up nice and healthy.

    WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    According to keeper Ashley Wombey, this teeny-tiny koala is already "very lively and loves to climb" — much to the chagrin of her mum, who gets trodden over when she just wants a snooze.

    WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    I feel like this is something all mothers can relate to LOL.

    While she doesn't have a name just yet, the keepers are inviting the public to help with that. There are no rules, besides it starting with the letter "K" to keep with tradition.

    WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    Her mum's name is Kyara!

    As she grows up, this adorably cute joey will become an ambassador for her vulnerable species.

    WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    If you didn't know, the koala population is in serious decline as they suffer from the effects of habitat destruction, bushfires and road accidents.

    Hats off to this koala for getting me all in my feels and making the world a little bit brighter. 💖🥺💖

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