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    22 Pure And Wholesome Animal Tweets To Help Get You Through The Week


    1. This angelic ball of fluff who looks as soft as can be.

    2. And this floofy kitty who has the biggest, most adorable eyes I have ever seen.

    3. This perfectly snug pup who looks just about ready to call it quits for the day.

    “I’ma go home to change and then meet y’all down there later.”

    4. And this spoiled but lovable Husky who has their heart in the right place.

    she makes leaving for school SO ANNOYING LET ME GET AN EDUCATION U FOOL

    5. These two romantic birdies who look completely and utterly in love.

    6. And these two matching geckos who compliment each other perfectly.

    7. These cheeky kittens who, let's face it, probably have the most patient mum in the world.

    8. And these two rascals who are just too damn cute to stay mad at for too long.

    9. This sweet-looking otter whose adorable smile makes me want to weep happy tears.

    10. And this darling baby who absolutely loves a good chunk of banana.

    This is Hope, a 13-week-old bat. She certainly loves her banana - just look at the amount she packs in! ☺️ Recuperating after two predator attacks, quite underweight, then flying into a parked car. 🦇

    11. This cluelessly adorable pup who just wants to join in on the fun.

    when you have no idea what you're doing but ur just happy to be involved (1momjourney2fit IG)

    12. And this precious boy who once again proves that we do not deserve the sweetness of dogs.

    my dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.. nobody has the heart to tell him it’s pretend..

    13. This beautiful kitty who is ready for their close up.

    14. And this fun-loving cockatiel who just wants to play a round or two of Peek-A-Boo.

    Everything's terrible, so here's a cockatiel hiding in a newspaper playing peekaboo

    15. This pure and wholesome doggo who can hardly contain their excitement.

    If you ain’t as excited to see me as my dog then fuck out my face

    16. And this carefree pony who looks to be loving every second of life.

    this horse is so damn happy, imma have to rt for good luck

    17. This groovin' pup who clearly knows how to shake their paws.

    18. And this smol but chonky boy who is more than ready to face the outside world.

    19. This cosy kitty who is patiently waiting for some love and affection.

    20. And this coordinated looking squad which features members both great and small.

    お菓子もらいに行くぞーー🍭🍭🍭 #とまみ

    21. This sneaky cub who knows how to give someone a heckin' good fright.

    22. And lastly, this teeny tiny flamingo who is slowly but surely learning to become an adult.

    “Go like ‘dis” “dis?” “Yes”