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    For Everyone Who Watched "Class Of The Titans" As A Kid

    This is where my love for Greek mythology started.

    So the other day, I published a post where I ranked some of the most iconic ABC kids shows I watched growing up.

    There was a lot of commentary on where some of the cartoons were placed — which I don't mind because we all have different opinions — but what I didn't expect was there to be so many comments about Class Of The Titans.

    Released in 2005, Class Of The Titans followed a group of teenagers who find out that they are descended from Greek gods and goddesses.

    There's Jay, the leader, whose ancestor is Jason, the Greek hero who famously led the Argonauts in retrieving the Golden Fleece.

    Then there's Theresa, the fighter, Archie, the warrior and Odie, the brain — who are descended from Theseus, Achilles and Odysseus.

    Plus, there's Herry, the brawn, and Atlanta, the hunter, who are distant relatives of Hercules and Artemis.

    And last, but not least, is Neil, the good looking, who is descended from — you guessed it — Narcissus.

    Before the young heroes are given a second to breathe, they're told by Hera (yes, THAT Hera) that Cronus, leader of the titans and god of time, has escaped Tartarus after thousands of years of imprisonment. Now, an ancient prophecy predicts that the seven of them will be the ones to defeat Cronus and save the world.

    Being a huge ancient history nerd, Class Of The Titans was one of my favourite cartoons growing up. It had the perfect combination of Greek mythology, interesting characters, low-key terrifying villains in the form of mythical creatures and even some romance.

    Like, hello, Jay and Theresa's relationship was everything to my little, teen heart.

    Plus, I loved watching how the Greeks gods and other beings from Mount Olympus were portrayed. Hermes is chaotic and hilarious, Chiron is wise, but also full of sass, Ares is short-tempered, but he has his moments and Athena is just a total badass.

    Oh, and the dialogue? Hilarious! You can tell that the writers had a lot of fun with the jokes they included.

    And look, I'll be the first to admit that Class Of The Titans didn't get everything spot on about Greek mythology. But it was a cartoon for kids — more than anything, it encouraged me to learn more about Greek history because I was obsessed with the series.

    Shoutout to Class Of The Titans for being part of the golden era of '00s cartoons. It deserves all the love and respect because it was such a fantastic series and cultivated a huge love for mythology and ancient history for myself and so many others watching.