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Australians Are Sharing Their "Divorce-Level" Arguments Over The Housework Census Question And I'm Cackling

"I dragged the mouse to the 15 hours option and was immediately met with a death stare that could have levelled Darth Vader."

Lo and behold β€” it's Census night, which means that households across Australia are currently answering questions related to their health, income, religion, housing conditions and other social factors in a survey sent out by the Australian Bureau Of Statistics (ABS).

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The data, which is collected every five years by the ABS, is then used to help determine policies and where to allocate funding.

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Most of the questions are standard and run-of-the-mill, although there is one in particular that is making Australians do a double take β€” unpaid work related to domestic activities.

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AKA β€” how much time do you spend cleaning and sprucing up your household each week.

Enter Reddit u/Ronnie_Dean_oz, who shared his extremely hilarious and relatable experience filling out this census question in his household, which β€” in his own words β€” led to a "divorce-level argument".


"So, just sitting with the missus doing the Census online and got to the housework hours question. I dragged the mouse to the 15 hours option and was immediately met with a death stare that could have levelled Darth Vader. I then proceeded to try and argue...nope."


"I then dragged down [the mouse] to the five hours option. Let's just say if her eyebrows went any higher, they would no longer be on her forehead. She said: 'You would be lucky to do five!' In response, I said: 'Suppose you will put the 30 hours?' Another death stare with eyebrows."

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u/Ronnie_Dean_oz concluded his story with a warning, saying that other spouses should go for the five hour option and "save yourself from filling out the next Census with a few less family members."

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Now, I find this extremely amusing because my parents had the exact same reaction when filling out this question. Unsurprisingly, other Redditors had a similar experience, so here are the best reactions and responses.

1. "My husband put the lowest one and now claims he can’t do anything else home related this week because he reached the limit and he doesn’t want to make himself a liar on an official form." β€”u/Limberine

2. "When asked whether someone needed physical assistance in getting out of bed, dressed etc. I gave my heavily pregnant wife a sly look. On an unrelated note, 5/5 would recommend IKEA fold-out couches. Surprisingly comfy." β€”u/edelbeer

3. "I had a bit of a chuckle because I paused on this question wondering how on Earth I calculate the hours and what would be counted. Edit to say the customary 'Thanks for the award'. Do I have to claim this on next year's tax return?" β€”u/Stitchesglitch

4. "I was smart about this. I separated a month ago to avoid a lot of questions, and when this is over, will look to get back together." β€”u/FlattestNoise

5. "I'm living with my parents and all three of us put five hours or less πŸ˜‚. We've got robot vacuums upstairs and downstairs and a dishwasher and we all just do a little bit a day." β€” u/inisiya

6. "You should have done it the easy way. Let her fill all of it in. After five hours of housework, you wouldn't have much time left." β€”u/Rumbleg

7. "My wife said 'Just fill the thing out and stop asking me questions.'" β€”u/homeinthetrees

Shoutout to u/Ronnie_Dean_oz for providing some laughs this morning and make sure to fill out your Census form if you haven't already as it's compulsory.

FYI β€” these Reddit comments are all tongue in cheek, but it should go without saying that housework should be a shared responsibility between you and your partner, regardless of gender. Let's not be sexist here, folks. Also, comments have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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