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22 Clever Fitness Tips That Will Help Keep You In Shape While Balancing A Full-Time Job

Although these may be simple, they'll go a long way to helping you stay in shape.

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Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their best tips and tricks for staying fit while balancing a full-time job. Here are some of the most helpful responses.

1. Take the no-excuses approach and change into your gym clothes before you leave work.

"I change into my workout clothes before I leave work and that way I can head straight to the gym!"


2. Take walks wherever and whenever you get the chance.

"I park further away from my office so I'm walking more. I also walk on my lunch break and when I get home."


3. If possible, switch up your office equipment to maximise your fitness goals.

"I have a Varidesk (stand-up desk) and I bought myself an under-desk elliptical machine from Amazon for only $70. Using a Fitbit also helps me track towards my 10,000 daily 'steps' while using the elliptical."



4. Find a workout buddy that will keep you accountable.

"I would recommend finding an exercise buddy or a class to attend where you can get to know the regulars. If you miss a workout when someone else is expecting you to be there, you'll have to answer to them!"


5. And instead of calling it a "workout session", think of it more as spending quality time with a good friend.

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"The thing that motivates me to go to the gym is knowing that my best friend will be there with me. Even though I'm exhausted after work, once I'm at the gym I get to spend some quality time with my best friend! We work out hard, but it feels more like girl-time which is the most perfect double whammy!"


6. Make a decent workout playlist that will get you pumped up and energised.

"I love playing my workout playlist as soon as I get in the car. Getting amped up on my way to the gym makes me feel so mentally refreshed and energised."


7. Find and fall in love with a workout routine that boosts your mood.

"Having a workout that’s actually fun makes it feel less like a chore and more like some zen space for yourself after work! I found that mixing up my workout routines kept me motivated to stick with them."



8. Kickstart your mornings by switching up your sleeping patterns.

"Natural-light alarm clocks which simulate the sun and get gradually bright to wake you up are seriously wonderful. They start getting brighter 15 minutes before you've set your alarm to slowly bring you out of your sleep. This has really helped me with my morning workouts!"


9. And even if you're not a morning person, try working out at that time to see if it makes a difference.

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"The thing that works best for me is going in the morning because by the afternoon I’ve spent the whole day talking myself out of exercising. I wake up and tell myself, 'Just get out of bed and go for a walk. No need to run - just walk and clear your head.' But by the time I get outside, I always end up running because, hey, I'm already up."



10. Plan when and where you'll be working out in advance to avoid excuses.

"I set my alarm a few minutes early and put a cheap yoga mat between my bed and the bathroom door. That way when I get up for work, I really can't ignore the mat and do a few press-ups, sit-ups, or stretches."


11. Make working out a part of your daily routine by investing in a planner.

"By keeping track of my workouts and including it in my schedule before I go home, I've been able to stick to a routine. Yes it's tiring, but it makes a difference."



12. Although it may take some time, try and get past the mentality of "I'll just do it tomorrow."

"Working out in the mornings just before work has helped me both physically and mentally. Even when I want to sleep in and say 'I'll just do it tomorrow', I remember how good the exercise makes me feel."


13. Make your health and fitness a priority.

"Set boundaries and put yourself first. A healthy person (physically and mentally) is going to be able to do better professionally and personally."


14. And remind yourself that any exercise is better than no exercise.

"Start small, and don’t beat yourself up when all you can do is 10 minutes before you crash. You will naturally get stronger and have more stamina, but never punish yourself or feel guilty on the days when your workout is lacklustre. Something is always better than nothing."


15. Take advantage of any and all the stairs in your office building.

"My office has six floors and every hour I get up and go from the first to the sixth floor. It takes me six minutes, and according to my Fitbit I get to the fat burning zone by the time I’m at the top!"



16. Make exercise a non-negotiable part of your working day.

"I don't consider my work day to be over until after I've hit the gym. Going after work helps me hold myself accountable, and to skip and hit up Chipotle instead."


17. Find out if your workplace offers discounts or subsidies with local gyms.

"My organisation has a great deal with a gym where employees only pay $5 a month. As a result, our entire staff has begun using our lunch breaks for gym time. It's a great way to team build!"

18. But if you can't afford a gym membership, make use of all the free workout tutorials on YouTube.

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"Sometimes when I’m pressed for time or too tired to get to the gym, I put on 30-45 minutes of YouTube videos and get a great burn. My current favourite is 'blogilates'. And best of all, there's no workout gear required and no need to leave the house."


19. Take any small moment to do something active.

"Every time I get up to refill my water bottle or go to the bathroom, I always do 10 squats before I sit back down. Or maybe I’ll do some arm circles once I sit down just to get the blood flowing."



20. Try working out during your lunch hour to give your mind and body a mid-day boost.

"I know this won't work for everyone, but if you have a more flexible schedule try taking a longer lunch and hitting the gym before grabbing food. I've never been a morning person, so this gives me the time to wake up, but not get mentally drained like if I workout at the end of the day."


21. Make exercising a social activity by joining a sports team.

"I get bored when I exercise alone, so this year I decided to join a social touch rugby league which meets once a week. After attending a session, I realised that my fitness goals could be aligned with the sport. Win-win!"


22. And finally, be proud of your accomplishments and never, ever beat yourself up for failing.

"Life happens and sometimes you miss a workout or two or five, and that can put you in a funk of negativity. But just take it one day at a time and be proud of yourself for the time you do put in (regardless of how short or long it is)."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.