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    There's A Petition Going Around To Get Nikki Webster To Perform At The 2032 Olympics And I'm Here For It

    Um, this would be iconic.

    Last night, Australia cinched its third Olympic Games, with Brisbane being awarded the right to host in 2032.

    Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk holds up a sign saying Brisbane 2032
    Toru Hanai / Getty Images

    Melbourne and Sydney have both hosted Olympic Games in 1956 and 2000.

    While there was a lot of celebration going around, the main question on everyone's lips is who will be performing at the opening ceremony?

    Fireworks fill the sky after Brisbane was named host of the 2032 Olympics
    Patrick Hamilton / AFP /AFP via Getty Images

    Okay, maybe everyone wasn't thinking this, but I sure was.

    Enter: Nikki Webster — an Australian singer that we're all familiar with.

    Nikki not only became a household name for her iconic performances at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, but for her hit single "Strawberry Kisses", which was released soon after.

    Nikki Webster performs during the opening ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics
    Gabriel Bouys / AFP via Getty Images

    Like, hello — "Strawberry Kisses" still slaps to this day. And to think she was only 13 years old when it was released. What a legend!

    Nikki Webster singing in the video clip for "Strawberry Kisses"

    Well, Nikki has put her hat in the ring to perform at the Brisbane games. And by that, I mean she's thrown her support at a petition started by journalist Deborah Knight.

    Nikki Webster and daughter Skylah McMah posing at a red carpet event
    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

    In Nikki's Instagram post, she wrote: "Would be incredible to be involved [and] would love your support if you can take a second to sign."

    So, why Nikki? I mean, for one thing, that would be legendary — considering that she performed at the last games Australia hosted.

    Nikki Webster performing at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
    YouTube: Olympics / Via

    But for another, she's proven that she's still got it. Nikki appeared on The Masked Singer in 2019 and although she was eliminated early on, she was definitely a fan favourite.

    Nikki Webster performing while on "The Masked Singer"
    Network 10

    Others have suggested that The Veronicas would pull off one heck of an incredible performance featuring their most popular song.

    The Opening Ceremony. A dark arena. @TheVeronicas descend from above as the violin from Untouched begins to play. #Brisbane2032

    Honestly, if I was on the panel that decided these sorts of things, I would choose both. But who do you want to see perform at the 2032 Brisbane Games?

    Also, here's the petition if you want to get behind Nikki!

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