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19 Things Every Aussie Kid Will Remember About Wonderland

Going to a theme park for a school excursion? Sure, why not.

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14. Convincing the operator on the Tasmanian Devil to go backwards.

Charlene Carpenter/Australia's Wonderland History / Via

And immediately regretting it because of how dizzy you felt afterwards.

16. Trying to survive the absolute carnage of the Dodgem Cars.

Wonderland History / Via

There was always that one overly-competitive kid who had it out for you as soon as the green light went on.

17. Using whatever Wonder Dollars you had left over to score some epic souvenirs.

Ian Buckley/Australia's Wonderland History / Via, Michael Stevens/Australia's Wonderland History / Via, @_my_mantelpiece_ / Via

And then bragging about them when you went to school of course.

18. Making sure you leaned back while riding Ned Kelly's Getaway.

Wonderland History / Via

You were too scared to lean forward anyway especially after the park operator warned you about potentially flipping over.

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