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31 Jokes About Harry Potter That'll Make You Say "I Really Love The Internet"

Bless the Harry Potter fandom.

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1. When everyone, including Bellatrix, realised how much of a boss bitch Molly Weasley was:

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2. When Harry Potter could have just as easily been a very different story:

@jonseven3 / Via Twitter: @jonseven3

3. When you always knew what type of boy Draco really was:

@justsomedobby / Via

4. When it was decided that these two moments in Irish history were both equally important:

5. When the Dursleys had a perfectly good reason for keeping Harry in the cupboard for all those years:

@thedailylaughs / Via

6. When this clever observation turned into a major plot twist:

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7. When this person made you finally realise where you got your ~attitude~ from:

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8. When not even the magical world of Harry Potter could escape a cheeky Nando's edit:

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9. When everyone collectively realised they pronounced "Harry Potter" differently:

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10. When these alternative names for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire were considered:

@ArryPottah / Via Twitter: @ArryPottah

11. When this meme straight-up confirmed that Harry played favourites:

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12. When there was some new merch everyone could get behind:

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13. When Rupert Grint inadvertently became the poster boy for uplifting advice:

@dracomallfoys / Via Twitter: @dracomallfoys

14. When an alternative ending to Harry Potter was literally just our own everyday lives:

@slaphat / Via Tumblr

15. When this crossover between two very different worlds fit so perfectly:

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16. When Harry dropping his bacon became a metaphor for the entire series:

17. When this Harry Potter-inspired sex tip was just absolute gold:

18. When the logic behind J.K. Rowling's tweets was revealed:

@bafeldman / Via Twitter: @bafeldman

19. When the French version of Harry Potter resulted in some ~interesting~ translations:

20. When this person was literally all of us trying to sneak a ticket into Hogwarts:

@daveduttell / Via Twitter: @davedittell

21. When Harry went through an existential crisis just like every moody teenager:

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22. When this person thought of a completely different use for Harry's Patronus:

@bobvulfov / Via Twitter: @bobvulfov

23. When everything was clearly not fine between Harry and Dumbledore:

24. When this close rewatch resulted in a hilarious double-take:

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25. When the perfect tag completely transformed this iconic scene:

26. When this too-real question revealed a softer side to Snape's character:

27. When this spelling mistake resulted in an entire alternative universe:

28. When Harry really did have his "mother's eyes":

29. When it wasn't only Harry who was on a mission to destroy Horcruxes:

@HogwartsLogic / Via Twitter: @HogwartsLogic

30. When this Harry Potter-Pitch Perfect crossover was just perfect:

31. And finally, when it was confirmed that Snape really was the sassiest of them all: