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    Updated on 25 Oct 2019. Posted on 23 Oct 2019

    23 Tweets About "Looking For Alaska" That Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Relatable

    Don't talk to me, I'm reliving all of my teenage angst.


    This past weekend, the long-awaited adaptation of John Green's Looking For Alaska was FINALLY released.

    Hulu / Stan

    Besides refuelling all of my ~teen angst~, the series had a killer soundtrack that ended up being the perfect backdrop to all the drama and romance.

    Hulu / Stan

    And, of course, Twitter quickly responded to the show's release with some A+ commentary. Here are the best reactions:


    so now I am legally obligated to watch looking for alaska since I read the book in one sitting when I was 14 and thought "I sMoKe To DiE" was the deepest shit I'd ever heard? fine


    me: nah my 21 year old self won’t be affected by looking for alaska anymore. i’m over it, i’m not 14, i’m 21. i’m stronh also me:


    starting looking for alaska do not bother me under any circumstances no one will ever understand what this book meant to me as a 13 year old girl



    This actor has no business looking so much like Chad Michael Murray. #LookingForAlaska


    um they made a tv show for looking for alaska and i literally read that book like 20 times in my younger teen years i’m not emotionally prepared i’m tearing up at the first lines in the first episode bye


    me knowing I'm gonna watch Looking for Alaska regardless of how much I've dunked on John Green


    some of the lines in #LookingForAlaska are just... *italian chef's kiss*


    as someone who went to boarding school lemme tell u how much of looking for alaska is real not real - any space in a room - hyper intense conversations - day student / boarder divide real - weird nicknames - burying alcohol in a park so u don’t get caught with it


    what i didn’t think i needed was an indie cover of milkshake but here we are #LookingForAlaska


    bitches really be crying over fictional characters. it’s me. i’m bitches. #LookingForAlaska


    looking for alaska spoiler with no context


    #LookingForAlaska Colonel during most of the season


    Someone pls tell me why I burst out crying when Takumi put on his fox hat and said “Cause no one can catch the motherfucking Fox” bc it was everything I wanted and more This adaptation is perfection #LookingForAlaska


    wow there’s nothing like a good cry to Looking for Alaska. literally the best show I have seen in years.


    when i tell you i SCREAMED #LookingForAlaska


    me: i can’t believe i thought looking for alaska was soo deep when i was 15 looking for alaska mini series: if people were rain i was a drizzle and she was a hurricane me:


    my friends: “watch looking for alaska it’s soo good almost as good as the book” me:


    people: are you ok? me: yeah i’m ok :) my earphones: looking for alaska- episode 6 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ volume: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100% #LookingForAlaska


    when the eagle said “is everyone here” and miles started shouting “alaska isn’t here, she’s not here, can we just wait for her.” #LookingForAlaska


    When there’s no one you know in your fandom so you have to suffer alone #LookingForAlaska


    Is anyone still shook from binging #LookingForAlaska this weekend or is it just me sitting at my desk listening to the soundtrack and trying not to cry???


    14 year old me - stays up till 3am reading #lookingforalaska 24 year old me - stays up till 3am watching #lookingforalaska

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