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    23 "Neighbours" Storylines That Will Be Remembered For Being Emotional, Downright Bizarre And Iconic

    Some of these definitely felt like a fever dream.

    After 37 years, Neighbours is finally coming to an end. So to pay tribute to this beloved Aussie classic, we asked the BuzzFeed Community for the storylines they remember the most. Here are the best responses!

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    1. When Toadie's iconic mullet was chopped off.

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    2. When Scott and Charlene got married.

    the two characters dressed for their wedding
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    3. When Mrs. Mangel and Mike Young fought over ownership of Bouncer, resulting in them letting the dog pick who to live with.

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    "They both called him over and Bouncer chose Mrs. Mangel."


    4. And when Bouncer had a dream sequence, which involved him getting married to Rosie, the Border Collie that lived next door.

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    5. When Harold was swept off the rocks and presumed dead, only to come back a few years later with amnesia.

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    "No one busts out a tuba like Harold."

    Kelly Charlton, Facebook

    6. When Drew died, just after he and Libby had a baby.

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    "It devastated me, especially Libby with singing the song that he sang to her at their wedding at his funeral!"


    7. When Delta Goodrem sang “Born To Try”, cementing her status as a fan favourite on Neighbours and a reputable Australian singer.

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    "There are so many memories I have of this show, but outside of that are the friends I made after becoming a Delta Goodrem fan. Without Neighbours, I might never have become such a huge fan. Without being a fan, I might never have spent so much time in Australia with people I consider lifelong friends. 2022 will go down in history as one of the saddest years in Australian television."


    8. When Toadie accidentally drove himself and Dee into the sea on the way to their honeymoon, leaving his new wife missing and presumed dead.

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    "They were driving at a speed of 8km/hr and somehow sped over a cliff and landed so far in the ocean that she went missing. Dee obviously came back years later because it's Neighbours. Special shout out to Dee's hair whipping through the car window to highlight how fast they were going."


    9. When Susan ripped Karl to shreds in the street after learning that Izzy was pregnant and that he was the father.

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    "Susan was calm, but as soon as Karl left the house, she crumbled. She then [tore] him apart in the street (in full view of their daughter and Izzy) and all Karl could do was listen about how he broke her heart and how much she hated him."


    10. And when Susan slapped Karl after confronting him about the affair that he was having with his receptionist, Sarah Beaumont.

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    Emma Bradbury, Facebook

    11. When Harold's daughter, Kerry, was hit by a stray bullet while protesting a duck hunt, resulting in her death.

    Kerry bleeding from her side, lies lifeless in the arms of a man
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    "It was a bit surprising." 

    Leanne Wilshire, Facebook

    12. When Lou booked an act called Powerfinger to play at the pub, but Toadie thought he meant Powderfinger.

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    "My fave was when Lou booked an act called Powerfinger to play at the pub. Toadie thought he meant Powderfinger and put up posters everywhere. Night comes, pub is packed with Powderfinger fans then out walks Powerfinger onto the stage...a guy playing a keyboard. Brilliant stuff!"

    Catriona Funnell, Facebook

    13. When Paul Robinson made his return after the Lassiter's Complex fire.

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    "It was the first episode of Neighbours my mum and I watched. It hooked us in and we haven't missed an episode since then."


    14. When Frazer became paralysed from the waist down after being trampled by a horse. Then, he later regained the use of his legs after saving a kid drowning in a swimming pool.

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    Ellen Brouwer, Facebook

    15. When Ringo was run down by a motorbike rider, who turned out to be Steph.

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    Josh Yoshi, Facebook

    16. When Robert kidnapped Connor and led everyone to believe that he had killed him. Only, Connor turned up six years later on Ramsay Street and explains that he was just travelling.

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    17. When a plane carrying several Neighbours characters crashed after a bomb was detonated on it, resulting in the deaths of David, Liljana and Serena Bishop.

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    18. Which led to Harold attempting to strangle Paul, who he believed was responsible for the plane crash.

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    —Emma Bradbury, Facebook

    19. When the Scully family was introduced, bringing in a whole bunch of chaotic storylines.

    two women with their hands around each other smile into the camera
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    "They were batshit nuts."


    20. When the marquee hosting Toadie's and Sonya's wedding reception collapsed after a gas bottle exploded, resulting in the deaths of Rhys and Priya.

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    "It really made me cry. I couldn't sleep after that."


    21. When Kyle used one too many testosterone patches during his honeymoon, leading to some, uh, hard issues.

    Kyle and his wife on a balcony on the beach
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    "Recently, there was a storyline where Kyle and Roxy had got married and he was having some erectile dysfunction issues. While on their honeymoon, he decided to put on, like, 10x too many testosterone patches and ended up on the zip-line VERY erect! The whole time he was hiding it, the zip-line crew were telling him that zip-lining 'isn't hard' and 'if you need help getting up we can help you.' I was laughing so hard."


    22. When Rachel and Angus, who was her teacher, were secretly dating. Plus, he was even sentenced to jail for six months after the relationship was made public, only to move in with Rachel once he was released.

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    "That Rachel and the teacher dating storyline, where he got out of jail after a few months and they still dated even though she was like 15/16 and he was in his 20s was gross."

    —Jackie Warner, Facebook

    23. And lastly, when Stingray tragically died at a street party, a short time after undergoing a bone marrow transplant for his girlfriend, Kerry.

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    "Stingray's death is a scene that'll always stick with me."

    Svetlana Rakamov, Facebook

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What other emotional, bizarre and iconic storylines do you remember from Neighbours? Let us know in the comments!