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    29 "Dance Academy" Moments That Prove It's One Of The Best Teen Shows Ever

    The entire Dance Academy crew performing Sammy's Prix de Fontyn solo is something I'll never forget.

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favourite scene from Dance Academy that made them fall in love with the show. Here are the best answers!


    Note: Not all submissions are from BuzzFeed Community users and this post mentions eating disorders, which may be triggering for some.

    1. When Kat and Tara proved their friendship for one another by taking a "leap of faith" during orientation week.

    ABC / Netflix

    If memory serves me right, this happened during the first couple of episodes and marks the beginning of Kat and Tara's bond. I mean, yeah, they had their moments β€” what friendship doesn't? But, what made Kat and Tara special is that they always had each other's back, which proved so important during the many highs and lows of the show.

    2. When Sammy has the realisation that he truly wants to be a dancer and proves this to his father by nailing a move that he had struggled with in class.

    ABC / Netflix

    All throughout this episode, Sammy's father fights him on his dancing and him being at the Academy β€” which is something that I, as a POC, could relate to. His father would prefer a "safer" career choice, like becoming a doctor, but Sammy not only proves to himself, but his father, that he has it within him to become a formidable dancer.

    3. When Tara kissed Ethan for the first time.

    ABC / Netflix

    Out of all the kisses and relationships on Dance Academy, this one ranks as one of the sweetest because it is Tara's first. She's so nervous β€” to the point where she practices on a teddy bear, lol β€” but it all comes together when she gains the confidence to give Prince Charming a kiss. Ah, young love.

    4. When Kat helped comfort Abigail when she was upset about her body developing.

    ABC / Netflix

    Oh god, the self-loathing that Abigail has for her body developing β€” which is something that is completely normal β€” is heartbreaking. But, in this moment, it's Kat β€” who Abigail had fallen out with years ago β€” that comforts and reassures her. Although Abigail doesn't believe Kat, it's just a lovely moment about people being there for each other and the maturing of their friendship.

    5. When Christian didn't let Sammy's confusion of his sexuality get in the way of their friendship.

    ABC / Netflix

    Sammy was ready to let Christian go, all because he was confused about his feelings for him and was still coming to terms with his sexuality. But, Christian refuses to let him, which is so sweet and a testament to how close they became before Sammy's untimely death.

    6. When Abigail had an in-depth conversation with an athlete about overcoming physical limitations.

    ABC / Netflix

    As a performer, one of my favourite moments take place in the "Fairest And Best" episode. It's the scene where Abigail talks to one of the junior athletes from the Institute of Sport about what you're supposed to do when someone can naturally do more than you and there's nothing you can do to change the body you're given. That spoke to me then and it speaks to me now. Plus, they handled a tough topic so well!


    7. And struggled with her eating disorder while feeling the pressure to become the "perfect ballet dancer".

    ABC / Netflix

    I already liked Dance Academy, but what made me fall in love in the show was their depiction of Abigail's eating disorder and when she was having trouble in class because of the way she saw herself. It let me relate to the show from a dancer's perspective because it really showed what ballet can do to dedicated dancers. It was also great that they just didn't skim over it in one episode, but made it a journey that was apart of her throughout the show.


    8. When Adam Saunders (a la Blue Water High fame) had a guest role and starred as musician, Miles Kelly.

    ABC / Netflix

    You're not a true Aussie '00s kid unless you frothed over Heath β€” aka Adam Saunders β€” in Blue Water High. And seeing him pop up in another excellent teen show was *Italian chef's kiss* levels of perfection.

    9. When Sammy snuck into Abigail's house to keep her company after she collapsed during class.

    ABC / Netflix

    I liked this show right from the beginning because it was a love letter to my home, the city of Sydney. But, one specific scene for me would be in Season 1 when Abigail is resting at home and Sammy climbs in through her window after she wouldn't return his calls. They just watch a movie together and look at one another when the the other isn't looking. Sammy cared about Abigail so much and he just wanted to be in her company β€” and Abigail didn't say anything, but in that moment you can see how glad she was that he was there.


    10. And when Abigail looked after Sammy's little brother, Ari, and revealed a softer, more caring side to herself.

    ABC / Netflix

    I've always loved Dance Academy, but one of my favourite scenes ever is when Sammy was busy working in the restaurant and forgets to meet up with his little brother, Ari. Seeing this, Abigail takes care of Ari and even starts playing video games with him. It was too lovely!


    11. When Kat realised that being a ballet dancer at the Academy is where she truly belonged.

    ABC / Netflix

    I loved the scene where Kat brings her mates from her "normal" school to the Academy to learn a routine for their assignment. It just showed how she was supposed to be a dancer and would always come back to ballet in the end.


    12. When Tara decided to help Ben put on a children's production at the hospital and in the process learned about his leukaemia diagnosis.

    ABC / Netflix

    It was so sweet to see Ben with the kids, as well as a hidden side to his character that we hadn't seen before.


    13. When Christian and Tara finally came to terms with their feelings for each other.

    Netflix / ABC

    One of my favourite scenes is when Tara and Christian go to the beach for the day and they make up fake names and are flirting the entire time. And then they FINALLY admit how much they like each other.


    14. When Abigail and Christian discovered Ollie's "Chicken Pox" rap.

    ABC / Netflix

    A random one, but my all time favourite scene is Ollie’s chicken pox song/rap/ whatever you want to call it. It's a lighthearted, fun moment in the midst of a bunch of drama!


    15. When Christian and Ethan finally decided to put their differences aside and collaborate on a showcase for the Academy.

    ABC / Netflix

    Although this pales in comparison to some of the more ~emotional~ moments here, I love this scene because it highlights the importance of setting aside your differences and the magic that can come from working together. Plus, the way they blend the different styles of ballet and hip hop is amazing.

    16. When Ethan helped Tara overcome her fear of dancing after being injured.


    This is not only one of the most beautiful scenes on Dance Academy (that piano playing from Ethan thoooo), but it's the childhood memory that Tara talks about ("Dancing must be the closest thing to flying") and how Ethan replicates that, which makes it one of the best moments.

    17. When Ollie ends up performing Sammy's Prix de Fontyn audition alongside him during the Regional Finals.

    ABC / Netflix

    Tbh, I love anything and everything to do with Sammy and Ollie. But, this moment in particular, where Ollie is literally dancing alongside with Sammy to give him the confidence he needs during his audition, leaves me a bit weepy (in a good way, of course).

    18. And when Sammy puts all his fears aside soon after and kisses Ollie β€” in public β€” for the first time.

    ABC / Netflix

    For so long, Sammy was scared about people finding about his sexuality and relationship with Ollie. But, in this moment, he decides to screw them all and pash his man. You go, Sammy, you go.

    19. When Sammy convinced Abigail to attend the dance class he was volunteering at.

    ABC / Netflix

    I'll never forget when Abigail wasn't allowed to dance because of her recovery process, so Sammy invites her to his cha-cha class. At first, she rejects the offer, but then decides to go and ends up having an amazing time dancing with the elderly people in the class. It's just such a wholesome and sweet moment.


    20. When Sammy showed Abigail a preview of his Prix de Fonteyn performance, which mentioned how thankful he was for his friends in helping him to become a better dancer.

    ABC / Netflix

    What a beautiful moment this was. It started off with an emotional voiceover from Sammy, which read: "Every dancer knows that being technically perfect isn't enough. We need to know why we dance. For me, it's to be connected. I'm inspired by my friends."

    This message could sum up Sammy's whole experience at the academy, really. He was never the most technically proficient dancer, but he tried the hardest and remained loyal to his friends, who became his everything.

    21. When Sammy's father finally showed his son how much he loved and accepted him.

    ABC / Netflix

    The development of Sammy's relationship with his father was really beautiful to see. Sammy spends the whole week leading up to the Prix hiding the fact that he and Ollie were dating β€” and when his dad catches them holding hands, he immediately accepts him and their relationship, which is something you know he wouldn't have done in the earlier seasons. It's also devastating to see that Sammy was finally accepted by his dad, whose approval he craved the most, right before he died.


    22. When Sammy suddenly died on the day he was meant to perform his solo at the Prix de Fonteyn.

    ABC / Netflix

    Sammy's entire death just destroyed me, especially because I felt a connection to him with his character being Jewish like me. I have rewatched this show at least 10 times and seeing Abigail fall apart in the shower as well as the memorial scene hurts me just the same as the first time.


    23. When the entire Dance Academy crew get together at the beach to farewell and pay tribute to Sammy.

    ABC / Netflix

    This combined with the scene of Christian meeting Sammy for the first time and declaring they'll "never be mates", to him reading Sammy's bucket list of things he wanted to do in life never fails to make me violently ugly cry. WHY, OH WHY, DID SAMMY HAVE TO DIE?!?!

    24. Which led to them performing his solo at the Prix de Fonteyn together.

    ABC / Netflix

    I know this is SO clichΓ©, but my favourite scene is when they perform Sammy's memorial piece. When Sammy passed away right before performing, it completely shocked and hurt all the characters (and us fans, too). So when they were able to perform his piece, complete complete with memories of everyone on a screen in the background, it brought me to TEARS. It's still the most memorable part of that show.


    25. When Abigail became overwhelmed by her grief while performing an audition.

    ABC / Netflix

    Abigail tried so hard to be strong after Sammy's death, but when she's confronted with the fact that he's actually gone, she immediately lashes out and tries to protect herself. It was so raw hearing her list Sammy's faults and then seeing her break down. You could see her having to try and accept that her pain won't ago away just because she wants it to and that no matter how much she hated parts of him, she also can't quite deal with the fact that Sammy's gone.

    I'll never get over the line, "He was my boyfriend, and then he had a boyfriend, and then he kissed me and then he died."


    26. When Tara performed an emotionally devastating performance of "Red Shoes" at the Prix de Fonteyn.

    ABC / Netflix

    Every time I watch the scene of Tara performing "Red Shoes", I remember the part where she calls out for Sammy and I cry a lot.


    27. When Abigail's relationship with Sammy spurred on her character development, transforming her into someone we all fell in love with by the end of the show.

    ABC / Netflix

    Honestly, just watching Abigail's character development throughout the show was incredible. She's the mean girl, teacher's pet, perfectionist and has zero compassion in the beginning. But, by the end, she has friends she loves, makes mistakes and learns from them, but she's still plenty sassy. I think her relationship with Sammy is what started this. And like everyone else said, her reaction to his death just gets you every time.


    28. And when she is finally awarded a Company contract, which is a goal she has been working so hard towards since the beginning.


    It was so, so, so rewarding to watch someone who has worked as hard as Abigail finally achieve her dreams.


    29. And finally, when Christian decided to decline the Company's offer in favour of teaching at the Samuel Lieberman Memorial Studio.

    ABC / Netflix

    It was the perfect way to conclude Christian's storyline and where he belongs.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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