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    Here's Your First Look At The "Packed To The Rafters" Reboot That's Dropping On Amazon Prime Video

    The series picks up six years on from when we last saw the Rafter family!

    If you're Australian, then there's no doubt that you've heard of Packed To The Rafters.

    Julie and Dave Rafter smiling at their newly born baby
    Seven Network

    Released in 2008, the show revolved around the Rafter family, made up of Julie (Rebecca Gibney), Dave (Erik Thomson), Ted (Michael Caton), Ben (Hugh Sheridan), Nathan (Angus McLaren), Rachel (Jessica Marais) and Sammy (Jessica McNamee).

    The Packed To The Rafters cast
    Seven Network

    There were also a bunch of other characters that were added down the years too.

    Over its five year run, the series not only focused on the work pressures and life struggles that can affect a family, but social issues too — which is exactly what made Packed To The Rafters so great.

    The Rafter family at a funeral mourning Melissa's death
    Seven Network

    Aussies are still emotionally scarred after watching Melissa's death.

    Australia fell in love with the show and its characters — and was left heartbroken during its final episode when we had to say goodbye.

    The Rafter family waving goodbye
    Seven Network

    Let's also not forget that Packed To The Rafters was nominated for 42 Logies and won 13! Iconic.

    Fast forward seven years and Australia's favourite family has returned in a brand new series called Back To The Rafters.

    The poster for Back To The Rafters which shows the Rafter family and some new characters
    Amazon Prime Video

    Yes, you read that right. The Rafters are back and the story picks up six years on from the events of the season finale.

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    As seen in the trailer, David and Julie are living the country life with their daughter, Ruby. But they're called back to Sydney to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary with the rest of the family, who are all crammed into Ben's two-bedroom home for the celebrations.

    L-R: Dave, Ruby and Julie Rafter smiling
    Amazon Prime Video

    Things are, once again, ~packed to the rafters~.

    We also get to see the older Rafter children, who are all facing new challenges of their own. Ben recently got married to Cassie (HaiHa Le) and is hoping to start a family, Nathan is trying to do it all as a single dad and Rachel is living a secret life in New York.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Plus, Granddad Ted even makes an appearance!

    L-R: Julie, Dave, Ruby and Ted Rafter
    Amazon Prime Video

    All this makes Julie reconsider life in the country, as she struggles with the pain of being absent from the rest of the family. That's just the beginning though, with the six-part series looking to bring back all the magic of the original show.

    The Rafter family posing for a photo while sitting at the dinner table
    Amazon Prime Video

    You can watch Back To The Rafters exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from September 17. If that's too long of a wait, you can also watch the entirety of Packed To The Rafters on Amazon Prime Video too.

    The trailer is already making me feel nostalgic, so I think this is going to be a hit!

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