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    25 Times Australian Tumblr Hilariously Roasted Americans

    You're not Australian unless you've fooled at least one American into believing drop bears exist.

    1. When we duped Americans into thinking love doesn't exist in Australia:

    2. When we told some terrifying half truths about Australia's native birds:

    3. When we gave this highly amusing explanation as to why cafeterias don't exist in Australia:

    4. When we forgot that the rest of the world can get easily confused by Australian slang:

    5. Like, really confused:

    6. Sometimes we don't even have to try, we just have to type some words:

    7. When we definitively settled the debate surrounding the names of different chips:

    8. When we couldn't resist taking the piss out of some poor, unsuspecting American:

    9. When we gave up on trying to explain the intricacies of Australian culture:

    10. When we revealed what summer was really like in Australia:

    11. When we embraced the Australian tradition of fucking with foreigners (but only because we love them and they're so gullible):

    12. Like, to any non-Australians reading this, you've been warned:

    13. When we elevated one of our beloved national dishes to a whole new level:

    14. When we went along with outdated stereotypes:

    15. And even took them one step further:

    16. When we embellished the truth about some geography facts:

    17. When we turned a roast about Australians into one about Americans instead:

    18. When we translated some of our favourite phrases for our American pals:

    19. Which often just ended up confusing them even further:

    20. Or gave them an existential crisis:

    P.S. If you want to see the entirety of this hilarious video with Remy Hii and Jacob Batalon, you can watch it here.

    21. When we showed them the difference between politics in Australia and in the US:

    22. When we poked fun at the best mode of transport in Australia:

    23. When we almost tricked Americans into believing Maltesers were something else entirely:

    24. When we shredded one of America's most divisive policies to pieces:

    25. And finally, when we didn't give a rat's arse that the rest of the world couldn't understand us: