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    25 Things That Are Normal By Australian Standards, But Are Bizarre To Everyone Else Around The World

    Don't diss spaghetti on toast until you've tried it.

    1. This person, who is having an emotional breakdown over Australia's choice of words for garbage bins.

    just found out australians call garbage bins "wheelie bins" and now im crying

    Twitter: @ihatealmonds

    The bins have wheels on them, so hey presto, wheelie bins!

    2. This person, who needs at least two-to-three business days to recover from this Australian playground discovery.

    Ok. I just found out Australians also call slides 'slippery dips'. Still processing.

    Twitter: @jamalcassim

    3. This person, who flat out refuses to acknowledge that grilled cheeses are called "toasties" in Australia.

    Just found out Australians call grilled cheese “a melted cheese toastie”. Never listening to them again about anything.

    Twitter: @carlstihl

    4. This person, who is clearly not amused at the cheeky nickname Australians have bestowed upon McDonald's.

    I just found out Australians call McDonald's maccas what the fuck??

    Twitter: @shmoopy_doopy

    5. This person, who is rushing to conclusions over one of Australia's favourite snacks — the spaghetti and cheese toastie.

    nobody speak to me i just found out australians eat spaghetti on toast for breakfast

    Twitter: @littlelordpmd

    Look, it's messy, it's gross-looking, but it tastes HEAVENLY. Don't knock it until you've tried it, Hayley.

    6. Like, it's a sore point with a lot of people.

    i just found out Australians eat ‘tinned spaghetti on toast’ for breakfast. this truly was a penal colony

    Twitter: @artschooldrop

    7. This person, who is amazed at Australia's unique choice of slang when it comes to everyday destinations.

    I just found out australians call liquor stores,,, bottle-o’s wow

    Twitter: @jeunjune

    8. This person, whose life will never be the same after learning the term for an Aussie's go-to summertime treat.

    I just found out Australians call freezies zooper doopers and my life will never be the same

    Twitter: @tiredjaybee

    9. This person, who dares to besmirch the classic Aussie food combo of adding beetroot to burgers.

    I just found out Australians put beets on their hamburgers and I have just one question: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE DOWN THERE?

    Twitter: @bigredrobot

    Wait until they found out that we add egg and pineapple to our burgers, too!

    10. This person, who is absolutely furious that Australians shorten "flannel shirts" to "flanno."

    just found out australians call flannel shirts "flanno" my jaw is clenched shut I am furious. human filth.

    Twitter: @Anon24601_

    11. And don't forget about this person, who may or may not be okay after discovering what "tracky dacks" means.

    I just found out Australians call sweatpants “Tracky Dacks” and I’m, I don’t know if I’m okay

    Twitter: @Sparklekatkohai

    12. This person, who is losing their mind after learning that "Nutbush City Limits" is a cultural phenomenon in Australia.

    just found out Australians have a line dance called “Nutbush” and I’m loosing my fucking mind

    Twitter: @bekaht333

    We even have a dance that goes along with the song.

    A burger containing beetroot

    13. This person, who has labelled Australia as a no-go zone after learning about friendly neighbourhood toilet spiders.

    i just found out australians have something called a "toilet spider". and its typically a huntsman spider (look it up if u dont know what these look like) that they let live in their bathroom to keep away more dangerous spiders. u will NEVER catch me in australia dead or alive.

    Twitter: @sweetteasniffer

    14. This person, who is super upset after discovering the Aussie nickname for this well-known band.

    I just found out Australians call ACDC, Akka Dakka and I'm super upset about it and don't know why

    Twitter: @3dog101

    15. This person, who has added another strike in their "Things Wrong With Australia" tally after learning that the word "shrimp" doesn't exist in the Australian vocabulary.

    just found out Australians call shrimp “prawns” just another thing wrong with that whole country 🙄

    Twitter: @davoelwavo
    A toilet roll with a huntsman spider on top of it

    16. This person, who is appalled by Australia's use of fruit to describe plump and luscious body parts.

    Just found out Australians call their asses peaches and I’m appalled

    Twitter: @veryangrylatino

    17. This person, who can't stand the fact that Australians call weed whackers "whippersnippers" — which sounds much more fun.

    just found out australians call weed whackers "whippersnippers" and im disgusted

    Twitter: @adiaden1se

    18. This person, who is utterly flabbergasted at the concept of meat pies, which are one of the hallmarks of Australian cuisine.

    cw food 💥just found out australians eat pies that are just meat??? like its just a pie, filled with meat?? and they get them at gas stations??? what the fuck???

    Twitter: @VriskaPosting

    19. This person, who has "never been more disgusted" than when they learned that Australians call pickup trucks "utes."

    Just found out Australians call pickup trucks "utes". I have never been more disgusted.

    Twitter: @coolestdudeyet

    Utes is short for utility vehicle, btw.

    20. This person, who had to log off after discovering that flip flops are called "thongs" in Australia.

    just found out australians refer to flip flops as thongs and now i will be logging off to think about things

    Twitter: @sincerelyakn

    21. This person, who is clearly not a fan of the Australian term for bell peppers.

    just found out Australians call bell peppers CAPSICUM. wtf is a CaPsIcUm

    Twitter: @_elliseh

    22. This person, who has cancelled all present and future plans to visit to Australia because of the Australian term "sanga."

    Just found out Australians call sandwiches 'sangas' and any remaining desire to visit has disappeared, just like that

    Twitter: @abjackadabra

    23. And same with this person, whose desire to visit Australia immediately evaporated after learning more about our vocabulary.

    Just found out Australians say “dot points” instead of “bullet points” and now I’m cancelling my many holidays there next year

    Twitter: @gcaat

    24. This person, who is wrongfully throwing shade at Australians for no good reason.

    Just found out Australians call papayas "pawpaws" and I'm fuckin pissed

    Twitter: @jonny_is_good

    I hate to break it to you, Jonny, but papayas and pawpaws are two different types of fruit.

    25. And lastly, this person, who is more confused than angry at this interesting chapter of Australian history.

    i just found out australians had an emu war ... do i even want to know what that means

    Twitter: @0813ism