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    Here's What An Average Australian Vs. Japanese Person Eats For Different Meals And Occasions

    The food may look different, but it's equally delicious in both countries!

    Hi! Our names are Isha and Emi and we're located in two different BuzzFeed Offices — Australia and Japan.

    Left: A photo of Isha; she has long, dark hair and is wearing a black t-shirt with a neon green design; Right: A photo of Emi; she has long, silver-coloured hair, freckles and is smiling

    While talking one day, we quickly found that there are a lot of cultural differences between our two countries — especially when it comes to food. So, we thought it would be fun to make a post out of it and show people what food in Australia looks like when compared to Japan.

    1. This is what a typical breakfast looks like in Australia:

    A closeup of a piece of toast that has Vegemite and melted cheese

    And here's what you'll start your day off with in Japan:

    Several bowls on a table – they are filled with rice, miso soup, grilled salmon, Japanese omelette and vegetables

    2. This is one of Australia's favourite ice creams:

    A hand holding a Golden Gaytime ice cream

    And if you're looking for ice cream in Japan, this is most likely what you'll be served:

    A tub of green tea flavoured Häagen-Dazs ice cream

    3. This is one of Australia's most popular chip flavours:

    And here's the Japanese equivalent:

    4. This is a sweet treat you'll find in Australia:

    A hand holding a vanilla slice that's on a white paper bag

    And if you're craving something sweet in Japan, this is a popular option:

    5. This is one of Australia's favourite chocolatey snacks:

    And this is every Japanese person's chocolatey snack of choice:

    A hand holding a box of Pocky

    6. This is something Australians would commonly pick up from a convenience store or service station (aka "servo"):

    And here's the same, but in Japan:

    A hand holding a packaged onigiri

    7. This is every Australian's go-to drunk food:

    A hand holding a half-eaten kebab

    And this is what drunk food is like in Japan:

    8. This is one of Australia's most iconic beverages:

    And this is one of Japan's most popular beverages:

    A hand holding a plastic cup filled with green tea

    9. This is Australia's favourite deep fried snack:

    A hand holding a potato cake

    And this is a typical deep fried dish available in Japan:

    A bowl filled with deep fried seafood and vegetables (tempura) served over rice

    10. These snacks will make Australians feel nostalgic:

    Triangular slices of fairy bread

    And here's a drink that reminds Japanese people of their childhood:

    A Japanese cream soda

    11. This is a much-loved Australian meal that looks weird to foreigners, but actually tastes really good:

    A hand holding one half of a spaghetti jaffle; it has spaghetti and cheese oozing out

    And here's a popular Japanese dish that foreigners often avoid, but should try at least once in their life:

    A bowl filled with rice and fermented soy beans

    We hoped you enjoyed learning about food in Australia and Japan! Let us know if you want us to compare anything else between our two countries in the comments below.