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28 Iconic Australian TV Ads That'll Hit You With All Kinds Of Nostalgia

Name a more iconic jingle than Lube Mobile. I'll wait.

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4. Banana Boat

Banana Boat / Via

Why it was so good: It made applying sun screen seem actually kind of fun?! Also I don't know about you, but that baby having a deeper-than-normal voice slightly freaked me out.

Iconic line: The whole damn jingle. It's just too good.

5. Vegemite ("Happy Little Vegemites")

Vegemite / Via

Why it was so good: There was something wholesome and cute about this ad. It was also EXTREMELY catchy and made you proud to be a Vegemite-loving Aussie.

Iconic line: "We're happy little Vegemites as bright as bright can be. We all enjoy our Vegemite for breakfast, lunch, and tea."

7. Australian Bananas ("Make Those Bodies Sing")

Australian Bananas / Via

Why it's so good: Although there's a more ~classic~ version of this commercial, I personally grew up with this one. And it honestly made me believe that eating bananas would solve all my problems.

Iconic line: "Ba-na-na-na-na-na.... make your bodies sing!"


8. Pizza Hut ("481 1111")

Pizza Hut / Via

Why it was so good: Depending on where you lived in Australia, you might have been singing "131 166" instead. Either way, it was a catchy jingle that always had you singing along and dreaming for dinner. That is until Pizza Hut changed their number :(.

Iconic line: "481 1111, 481 1111... Pizza Hut delivery!"

10. Cottee's ("My Dad Picks The Fruit")

Cottee's / Via

Why it was good: We all had a slightly-varied version going 'round school that went a little something like, "My Dad picks his nose that goes to Snottee's."

Iconic line: Basically the entire thing, but, of course, "My Dad picks the fruit that goes to Cottee's."

11. Bigpond ("The Great Wall of China")

Bigpond / Via

Why it was so good: It was not only responsible for introducing us to emperor Nasi Goreng, but it totally mirrors almost every conversation you had with your parents where you asked them a million and one questions.

Iconic line: "And it was to keep the rabbits out... too many rabbits."


14. Ingham ("Bloody Idiot")

Ingham / Via

Why it was so good: As a child it had you giggling at the amount of ~bad~ words that were being used, as you snuck glances at your parents to see their reactions.

Iconic line: "You've got a great Mum, Michelle." "Bloody oath."


16. Mortein ("Louie The Fly")

Mortein / Via

Why it was so good: It's not only a classic that ran for several decades on Australian TV (here's what Louie looked like in the 1960s), but it made watching an ad for insect spray actually entertaining.

Iconic line: OK, the whole jingle is really catchy, but what always stuck with me was "More smart, more safe, Moooooorteiiiin."

19. The Reading Writing Hotline

The Reading Writing Hotline / Via

Why it was so good: It was the only phone number you could memorise, and probably still remember to this day.

Iconic line: "1300 6555 06". I know you sung that in your head as you read it.


20. Brand Power

Buchanan Group/Brand Power / Via

Why it was so good: You're lying if you didn't absolutely LIVE for these Brand Power commercials. Granted, you never really paid attention to them, but that sound effect was a TUNE. And now I'm wondering what actually happened to the Brand Power lady.

Iconic line: "Brand Power, helping you buy better."

22. Birds Eye Fish Fingers

Birds Eye / Via

Why it was so good: A crew made up entirely of a random assortment of animals that are made to look like pirates and are demanding food from their Captain? Relatable.

Iconic line: "We want the Captain."


24. Ingham Munchies

Ingham / Via

Why it was so good: Uhhhh, munchies were the bomb. I don't know if they exist anymore, but I want them now. Sidenote: Now that I'm re-watching this ad, I realise it's basically a chicken eating another chicken. Hmmm.

Iconic line: "It wasn't me Mum, it was the cat, yeah, the cat! Honest."

25. Pauls Smarter White Milk

Pauls / Via

Why it was so good: Because it inspired countless memes and the odd remix which really isn't the worst.

Iconic line: "Low fat, no fat, full cream, high calcium, high protein, soy, light, skim, omega 3, high calcium with vitamin D and folate, or extra dollop?"


28. Cadbury ("Wouldn't It Be Nice")

Cadbury / Via

Why it was so good: Just like a lot of these ads, it have an annoyingly simple but catchy song. Also who wouldn't want to live in world made of chocolate?

Iconic line: "Wouldn't it be nice if the world was Cadbury?"