Aussies Are Sharing Social Etiquette Rules For British People To Follow If They Want To Move To Australia

    "So long as you accept that you'll always be called a pom, you'll fit right in."

    Last week at BuzzFeed Australia, a hot topic of discussion amongst our readers was how Aussies truly perceive Americans. Some of the responses were less than savoury, but according to the comments, they were totally fair and largely accurate impressions.

    Now this time, our favourite sub-reddit, r/AskAnAustralian, has a Brit (u/Xaerxohn) asking Aussies what their take is on British people.

    British people cheering on their team at a sporting event

    Like before, Australians voiced their opinions, but this time they were surprisingly wholesome and filled with good-natured advice for Brits looking to immigrate to Australia. Here are the best responses!

    1. "At a base level, I like Brits a lot better than Americans. I'd choose to watch British shows and enjoy British humour far, far, far more than anything American. They can also spell and pronounce all of our language's words properly. Glad we have the Jack on our flag."


    2. "There are so many Brits EVERYWHERE. Plus, the amount of Aussies that have a British parent/citizenship is huge, so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine."

    3. "Brit who has lived in Melbourne for the past 10 years here, Aussies are great. I actually prefer them to most miserable English people, to be honest. Like others have said, don't come here with any kind of 'I'm special because I'm British' attitude and you'll be fine. I have seen my fair share of Brits who think they are novel and try and play on the fact they are British and it's just cringe."


    4. "I'm an American. People talk shit about Americans here all the time. However, not a single person has been a dick to me as an individual in real life."


    5. "As a Brit, now Australian, living here for 15 years, here's my advice: Don't whinge about how things are 'better' back home. We can't stand the whinging about how you 'can't find a decent curry anywhere' or Australia 'has no culture/history.' It's boring and just straight-up not true. Learn to adapt! I read about a couple years ago who lasted two months, then went back because they couldn't get their daughter's favourite drink, Robinson's Apple and Blackcurrant, in the supermarkets."

    "Yes, everything is different — you're in a different country. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Don't get overly sensitive about sporting banter, especially when the Ashes are on. The UV is nothing to fuck around with. Wear sunscreen, sunnies and a hat. Cover up when possible. About 2000 Australians die from skin cancer every year — it's so preventable."


    6. "The supermarket thing is a good one, I've been surprised at how difficult this has been for some of my UK relos. Just about everything is different — there's only a small amount of English stuff in the foreign isle, but there's better produce though. We don't have the tiers of supermarkets the UK has, just two, and they're pretty similar, egalitarian society and all."


    7. "Speaking as a pom, it's worth reading up on two or three moments/phases that exist in Australian history that we just don't even realise exist from pommy education. For example: Britain abandoning Australia in WWII, the stolen generation, White Australia and Gough Whitlam's dismissal. No one is going to bring these up in a bar, but it really helps set some context for the diverging path Australia took since Federation that isn't always perceived by poms."

    "Before moving here I had some shockingly ill-educated comments about perceptions of Australia from people I knew. Also, a few weeks back there was a 'Which films should immigrants watch?' thread on this sub. It's absolute gold! Start with The Castle and follow the suggestions. That should up your banter game from foreigner to spicy foreigner."


    8. "You'll get friendly teasing, but that's about it. There are so many poms here and many Aussies are ethnically British anyway, so it's not a big deal. Just don't be one of those typical drunk pommy kids puking on the street and trying to start fights and you'll be right. Also, don't forget sunscreen! Put it on every time you step outside, for real. British people burn so easily here."


    9. "There's so many Brits here, it's incredibly rare someone could have a fully negative outlook. My main gripe is more from working customer service than 'real life', but I do get kind of annoyed when people come to Australia from the UK and then complain about a) immigrants and b) that stuff isn't the same here as it is in the UK."


    10. "I like them. I feel our cultures, especially sense of humour, are pretty similar (more so than the Americans who've diverged the most)."


    11. "Just don't be a 'whinging pom' (someone from England who moves down and complains endlessly about how everything is so much better back home) and you'll be fine."


    12. "Just don't arrive here with the mentality that Australia is still some colonial outpost of the British Empire and you'll be fine. Professionally, I see a lot of poms move out here thinking they're going to show us Aussies how to really do things, only for them to find out we're not as backwards as they were expecting. It can range from being humbling to embarrassing for them."


    13. "We love you guys. You’re like the daggy older cousin."


    14. "I love Brits! I love the UK too — so much so that I moved and lived there for 13 years before coming back to Australia. You'll get some good-natured ribbing about being a pom, but it's all in fun. There's a strong, shared culture and as long as you get out there and meet people, you'll make friends easily enough."


    15. "In terms of Brits, no-issue. I do get peeved at Londoners who view Australia as some backwards place and Australians as uncouth and uneducated. Also, that London is the pinnacle of civilisation. I also get annoyed by the hardcore monarchist types. But tbh, that's few and far between. Don't be a knob and you'll be sweet."


    Queen Elizabeth
    The definition for Whinging Pom: A person of British origin who will consistently complain about any situation that they may face

    16. And finally: "So long as you accept that you'll always be called a pom, you'll fit right in. A subtle Pommy accent (of all sorts — Northern, Cockney, etc) is as common as any other Aussie accent (broad, QLDer, ethnic, etc). If you can take the piss, which you should already know how to do, you'll be fine."


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    Alright, Brits — what are your thoughts on the above? Do you find this impression accurate? And for those that have moved to Australia, have you experienced something similar?

    Also for the Aussies, is this really what you think of our mates in the UK? Let us know in the comments!