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    19 Arguments You've Definitely Had At Least Once In Your Life If You're Australian

    If you don't call them potato scallops, I'll be seeing you on the handball courts at recess.

    1. Alright, we've all got into at least one heated discussion about whether this fried good is called a potato scallop or cake.

    2. Oh, and let's not forget about the classic, "Does the sauce belong in the cupboard or fridge?" argument.

    @HouzzAU / Via Twitter: @HouzzAU, Isha Bassi / BuzzFeed

    Hellooooooo, the instructions say to store it in the fridge after it has been opened. Take that, cupboard lovers.

    3. Speaking of condiments, Australians are always clashing over whether BBQ or tomato sauce is supreme.

    @aladdinmartau / Via, Isha Bassi / BuzzFeed

    Look, I know everyone is a diehard tomato fan. And while I'm not saying it's horrible, I just enjoy BBQ a little better.

    4. And whether sausage sizzle or sausage sanga is the correct term for this humble meal.

    5. Every Aussie has gotten into some sort of disagreement over the true origins of the pavlova.

    6. And you're not true blue unless you've argued over the best Paddlepop flavour.

    7. Having screaming matches over the "correct" way to apply Vegemite perfectly sums up Australian culture.

    8. As is debating whether the chips are better at Macca's or KFC.

    @bowdybow / Via, @sogoodhana / Via

    Sorry to all the Macca's lovers, but KFC trumps on the chip factor every, single, damn, time. They're thick, crunchy and doused in chicken salt — just the way I like 'em.

    9. And whether beetroot really belongs in burgers.

    10. Australians LOVE to argue about whether party pies or mini sausage rolls are more delicious.

    @syndalbakery / Via, @chloeskitchen / Via

    I don't know why Aussies get so angry over this one — tbh, just pop them both in in your gob and call it a day.

    11. Or whether a Splice or Golden Gaytime is the superior summer treat.

    @lady_brisbane / Via, @laurenalicee / Via

    The obvious answer is Golden Gaytime because Splices are in the average tier of Aussie ice creams.

    12. Train delays caused by the heat or rainy weather is an easy trigger to set any Aussie off on a rampage.

    I made this exactly a year ago top the day tomorrow, and its still relevant #sydneyrain #sydneytrains #cityrail

    Drop of rain = two hour delays and a signal failure at a major station.

    13. And you can forget about discussing your picks for Triple J's Hottest 100 in public.

    14. The easiest way to start a rivalry between the different Aussie states is get them talking about the State of Origin.

    Michael Dodge / Getty Images

    I don't follow NRL, but even I know that the tension between the Blues and Maroons come State of Origin is...intense, to say the very least.

    15. Or actually, any point of difference about particular food names is enough to start a quarrel.

    16. You'll make any Australian very mad if you talk shit about their favourite Zooper Dooper flavour.

    17. And don't even get them started on which local bakery has the best vanilla slice.

    18. It's all fun and games at your mate's place — until someone brings up the "proper" way to eat a meat pie.

    For some, it's taking the lid off and adding the sauce. And for others, it's just squeezing the sauce on top and eating it as is.

    19. And hopefully there's no foreigners around — because if any of them actually scooped out Vegemite like this, the Aussies will be rolling.

    Isha Bassi / BuzzFeed

    Dear America,

    Please, please, PLEASE stop doing this. Vegemite is delicious, if you eat it right.

    Warmest regards,


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