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    14 April Fools Pranks That Prove Australia Has The Best Sense Of Humour

    Okay, you got me.

    1. This limited-edition burrito from Mad Mex, which everyone wished was real.

    2. These flavourful lipsticks from Nandos, which honestly sounded terrifying.

    3. This genius Napdesk from Groupon, which even had a built-in boss sensor and alarm.

    4. This interstate food delivery service from Virgin Australia, which would have made you even lazier than you already are.

    5. This height verification feature from Tinder, which would have put a stop to all those sneaky height-fishers.

    6. This all-terrain wedding dress from Kathmandu, which would have looked perfect regardless of the weather.

    7. This volcanic warning from National Geographic, which explained the REAL reason behind those Sydney light rail delays.

    Facebook: natgeoau

    8. This purrfect announcement from NSW Police Force, which ended up being too good to be true.

    NSW Police Force / Via Facebook: nswpoliceforce

    9. This Brexit-inspired sale from Webjet, which would have resulted in ONE DOLLARYDOO flights to the UK.

    Webjet / Via

    10. This new McPickle burger from McDonalds, which would have made every pickle lover's dream come true.

    11. This new exhibition from WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, which would have featured the ever iconic bin chicken.

    12. These giant, celebrity wax figures from Madame Tussauds, which would have been an insanely good photo op.

    Facebook: MadameTussaudsSydney

    13. This campaign to change the town of Orange's name to Pink, which is honestly such a vibe.

    Orange City Council / McGrath Foundation / Via

    14. And this pick-your-own-pet system from Sparro, which would have seen new employees be paired up with a furry friend.


    CAN THIS STILL BE A THING??? Pleaaaassee.

    See ya next year, April Fools.