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    30 Mar 2020

    Nostalgic Fave "Prank Patrol" Is Being Rebooted And It's Everything I Need During Self-Isolation


    Alright, friends — cast your mind back to the year 2009. Twilight was having a real moment and we were all fast becoming gleeks due to the popularity of Glee.

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    But in Australia, one kids' show reigned supreme — Prank Patrol. Hosted by Scott Tweedie (major froth), the show revolved around him, his ninjas and a special guest pranking a parent or friend.


    Who could forget the iconic, "YOU'VE BEEN PRANKED!!!!" at the end of each ep.

    It was an after-school staple for every Aussie kid across the nation. But sadly, the show was CANCELLED in 2013, bringing an end to my dream of featuring on the show and making Scotty fall in love with me.


    Well, in some much-needed good news, the legends at ABC are reviving our beloved Prank Patrol in a new show called Prank You Very Much.


    It'll be hosted by Pip Rasmussen and feature a team of "distrActors" — Tom Golding, Maddie Parker and Carlo Ritchie — as well as some big Aussie names, like Baker Boy, Georgia Productions, The Wallabies and The Matildas.

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    And instead of just your plain old pranks, the ones on the show will be a way for young Aussies to thank someone special — which is actually really cute and wholesome.

    Now, here's hoping that Scotty makes an appearance.


    P.S. If you're keen on catching this slice of wholesome nostalgia, the show will premiere on April 1 (yes, April Fool's Day). And you can binge-watch the whole thing on ABC iView!

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