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19 Hidden Bars In Sydney That Are Worth Discovering

The sleuthing required to spot these bars only makes finding them that much better.

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1. The Soda Factory, Surry Hills

Although The Soda Factory has become popular in recent years, it's entrance is still hidden behind the facade of a phoney '50s Coke machine. Pull on the handle, and you'll be treated to a dimly-lit industrial interior serving boozy root beer floats and endless hot dogs.

2. Shady Pines Saloon, Darlinghurst

The entrance to Shady Pines is hidden along a nondescript alley with almost no signage. But once you enter the unmarked doors and descend deeper into the underground saloon, you'll be enjoying whiskey after whiskey.

3. Uncle Ming's, York Street

Concealed under a stairwell next to the Roman Daniels Suit Shop, you'll find an Asian-themed subterranean bar. Outfitted with lavish decor, the smell of incense, and an impressive list of Japanese whiskeys, you'll loose track of time at Uncle Ming's.


5. Earl's Juke Joint, Newtown

From the outside, you would be forgiven for thinking that the entrance to Earl's Juke Joint was just a tired, run-down meat store. But behind this cheeky facade, lies an energetic bar that pays homage to the juke joints of the Deep South.

6. The Swinging Cat, King Street

In what could be the most amusing location, The Swinging Cat's entrance is tucked right under an inconspicuous Subway sign. Once you're underground though, you're transported to a New Orleans inspired world.

7. The Rook, York Street

Hidden from the hustle and bustle of Sydney, The Rook is located on top of a high-rise office building. If you follow the unassuming lobby to the seventh floor, you'll be treated to fresh lobsters, gourmet burgers, and a wide range of liquors.

8. The Baxter Inn, Clarence Street

In an unmarked alleyway and down a flight of stairs, you'll enter the dimly-lit den known as The Baxter Inn. Home to an impressive list of almost 800 whiskies, as well as the usual spirits, cocktails, wine, and beer, you're more than likely to have a couple of rounds.


9. Eau De Vie, Darlinghurst

Exuding charm, glitz, and glamour, this prohibition-style bar is concealed right at the back of Kirketon Hotel. True to form, the entrance is well-hidden. There's no signage, but the concierge will direct you through the black door at the back, past the restrooms, and into this cosy chamber.

10. Papa Gede's, Kent Street

Follow yet another nondescript alleyway on Kent Street, and step into Papa Gede's. Paying homage to the first man to die in voodoo mythology, the dark and cosy bar is filled with tiki dolls, voodoo incantations, and a gutsy cocktail list.

11. Stitch Bar, York Street

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a tailor's shop, but what's hidden inside is actually a grand staircase that descends down into a cosy cocktail bar. And while the drinks are good, it's the American-diner inspired food that's really the stand out at Stitch Bar.

12. The Wild Rover, Surry Hills

Taking its name from an Irish drinking song, The Wild Rover is set behind a large, green door in an unassuming clothing house. Rustic and cosy in its style, the bar also features animal print murals and a fair selection of drinks.


13. PS40, King Street

Entering off a small laneway via King Street, you'll head downstairs to PS40. Home to a regularly changing 10-drink cocktail list and house-made sodas, there's also a limited selection of food designed specifically to complement your drinks.

14. The Barber Shop, York Street

Hidden behind a fully functioning men's barber shop is a low-lit hideaway that doubles as a gin palace. With more than 80 gin varieties available, The Barber Shop is the perfect place to get a cut and a shave, followed by a well-deserved drink.

15. Lobo Plantation, Clarence Street

If you're a fan of rum, the Caribbean, or both, make plans to visit The Lobo Plantation right now. Reached via heavy wooden doors followed by a curved staircase, be prepared to plunge headfirst into a Cuban paradise with very talented bar staff.

16. Ramblin' Rascal Tavern, Elizabeth Street

The entrance to this tavern is marked only by a black sign with three skulls. But if you muster up the courage to follow on through, you'll be treated to a wide selection of whiskey sours, cognac, cocktails, and local craft beers.


18. Wayward Brewing Co., Camperdown

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Concealed down a Camperdown laneway, the 12-tap bar is a meeting place for like-minded individuals with a love of craft beer. And if you enjoy snacking while you sip on your beer, gourmet food trucks visit the brewery Friday through to Sunday.

19. Button Bar, Surry Hills

This pirate-themed watering hole can be found at an unmarked door along the lower end of Foveaux Street. But don't expect bartenders in eye patches, with talking parrots. The theme is tastefully executed with house rum presented in large barrels, and a cute pirate-themed logo housing the cocktail menus.