10 Ways Pablo Neruda Ruined Romance For All Of Us

You always get super excited when the guy/girl you like sends you a text saying “Hey!”. But one day you decide to read Neruda and no amount of romance will ever be enough to satisfy you again.

1. Pablo Neruda is a poet from Chile.

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2. Neruda really knows about love. Now imagine all this in a sexy Spanish accent.

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3. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish, this sounds sexy and it gives you goosebumps.

4. This is the poem from the video above

5. And after you read this list, you’ll realize your hole love life sucks…

6. And you wish you could be Mrs. Neruda #4

But he’s dead, and necrophilia is not an option.

7. But you realize that no one can be that romantic…

8. …only Mr. Neruda.

Via Pinterest

9. After all this you just want to give up on love…

10. … But don’t!!!! Learn Spanish and and save this quotes to your future soulmate(s). Romance is not dead (YET)

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