10 Things I Learned About Living In Holland So Far

Coffee shops that don’t sell coffee? Tulips? Windmills? Tall people? Whaaaaat?

1. First of all, I live in The Netherlands. Yes, It’s so confusing!!!

Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

2. Every time I say I live here, this is what people think I do all day.

3. I see bikes. Everywhere.

Dutch traffic: bikes, bikes and bikes. (and some scooters how thinks they are bikes as well)

4. And all this cycling is giving me sore legs…

5. I just hope all these exercises get me a body like that

C’moon, a girl can dream!

6. But we all know how it ends…

7. This is the typical dutch lunch…

And they sell it for 3 euro in my university.

8. At least they have great dessert.


9. And this is how I feel around all this tall people.

10. How can you identify a dutch guy? The hair gel… oh the hair gel!

11. Finally, this is how I sound speaking dutch.

I’m the kid.

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