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Which Member Of Bear Tones Are You?

Are you the choir master or the soulful newcomer? Find out where you fit within Bowdoin's newest a cappella group!

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  1. How much do you know about music theory?

    I sometimes find myself performing harmonic analysis on whatever music I’m listening to...
    *Insert Facebook thumbs-up*
    Lol what's a note?
    Absolutely nothing
    F.A.C.E. and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
    My brain is full of knowledge, but I don't know how to use it in the real world
    I will never understand the difference between light and dark tones. Ever
    I just smile and nod so it looks like I know what I'm talking about
  2. What are you doing by the end of those 9:00-11:00 rehearsals?

    Hurriedly telling everyone what to work on for next time
    Sleeping with my eyes open
    Either lying on the floor or bouncing off of the walls. No predicting which it'll be
    Telling everyone that it is time to leave
    Cracking corny jokes
    Laughing hysterically because after two hours of rehearsal I'm officially my weirdest self
    Jotting notes to myself about everything I have to do before next rehearsal
    I'm not really sure
    Staging a revolt
    Daydreaming about what type of cupcakes I will bake tomorrow...
  3. What song are you singing under your breath during sectionals?

    The Lord of the Rings soundtrack
    "Low" by T-Pain
    "Only Us" from Dear Evan Hansen
    "Let It Go" from Frozen
    "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton
    "Dream a Little Dream of Me" by The Mamas and the Papas
    "Stone Cold" by Demi Lovato
    "Blackout" from In the Heights
    Petto dito man pe-petto dito mano petto
  4. What flavor of cupcake do you wish will appear at rehearsal?

    Carrot cake. With a thin layer of cream cheese frosting with pecans in it
    Vanilla and coconut
    Red velvet with chocolate frosting—sign me up!!
    The vanilla one with the chocolate frosting and mini m&ms on top. Then I can remove the top, flip it over and make a sandwich
    I really wish that a red velvet cupcake would appear
    Vanilla with chocolate frosting. But not too much frosting
    Doesn't matter as long as the frosting is, like, at least an inch thick
    Anything as long as there is little-to-no frosting on top
    Boston Creme
    Dark chocolate filled with raspberry preserves, topped with chocolate buttercream and sprinkled with sugar pearls
  5. What is your favorite snapchat filter?

    I don't have a snapchat...
    I take pictures in nearly pitch-black rooms and then add the red filter to look like the blood of my enemies
    I feel spiritually connected to the baby goat
    I am not sure if I’ve ever used a filter… Let’s be honest, the fact that I know how to snap a pic is enough
    The flower headband
    Who has time for snapchat these days?
    I don’t use it anymore, but I really like the one that makes you look old and pretty! Is that still a filter?
    I try to subtly take snaps of people with the baby goat filter. I guess the truth is out now
  6. What are you most nervous about before a performance?

    That I'm going to fail at conducting and mess everyone up
    That the thrown tomatoes won't match my outfit
    The moment when I inevitably trip walking onstage
    Losing my starting note
    Losing my voice and not being able to sing (like last time)
    Imagining that I'm gonna have an impromptu solo by belting out the wrong section
    Doing the bass line alone
    Having the stage stormed by angry Meddies
  7. With what a cappella block sound do you most identify?

    Soulfully phrased "oo"
    The “ih” that you’re supposed to feel like an “ooh”
  8. Where are you at 1 a.m. on a Wednesday night?

    Working on a lab report
    Crying about Latin translations
    Smith. That's the beginning of the prime hours
    Sleeping, maybe in my own bed
    Watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix in the common room
    Probably leaving the library and hopefully going to bed or more likely going to Smith to finish my work
    Probably coding in my room because I have to submit progress on Thursdays
    Watching Pretty Little Liars, sober
    Baking or crying softly in a dark corner of HL
  9. Where are you at 1 a.m. on a Friday night?

    Attempting to work in my room but actually reading some epic fantasy novel
    Playing Overwatch
    Supers without fail. I'm nothing if not dependable
    Sleeping :) but not in my bed ;)
    In my room most likely reading a book
    Watching Netflix/a movie on my bed
    Watching Pretty Little Liars, drunk
    Dancing around with my girl squad or nature friends
  10. What is your signature dance move while performing?

    I wouldn't call it dancing, but whatever makes it look like I'm a little less awkward than I actually am
    Weird, pseudo-conducting hand gestures
    I have the smile-and-lightly-sway down cold
    Church choir body rolls
    A little bounce or tapping my foot
    Boppin around like a weirdo
    As many jazz hands as possible
    Anything that I think will make me look like Beyonce
  11. What is your go-to blue accent piece?

    Dress shirt
    Dress shirt
    Well, it's Sweater Weather
    Well, it's Sweater Weather
    Gotta go with that cardigan
    Gotta go with that cardigan
    The wrap
    The wrap
    A nice button-down shirt
    A nice button-down shirt
    My royal-blue dress
    My royal-blue dress
    Classy sweater
    Classy sweater
    Classic blouse
    Classic blouse
    My crinkly scarf
    My crinkly scarf
    Dress, of course
    Dress, of course

Which Member Of Bear Tones Are You?

You got: Rose

You're undeniably a leader, down to the commanding cackle

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You got: Tori

You're the high-note-hitter and enthusiastic arranger of killer mashups

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You got: Isabel

You're the enthusiastic one, always eager to try new things (beatboxing, what?)

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You got: Monique

You're the caring optimist full of musical knowledge

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You got: Ashley

You dazzle the group with under-your-breath jokes and soulful dance moves

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You got: Gabs

You crack everyone up with sarcastic comments, awaiting the day when you'll sing more than dums and bums

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You got: Evelyn

Supportive and rational, you have mastered the balance between low notes and high spirits

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You got: Grace

You're extremely genuine and the group's body-perc trailblazer!

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You got: Maddie

The group can always count on you to make good musical references and tackle that baseline with authority

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You got: Hannah

Whether you're taking the lead on warmups or distracting people with snapchat videos, your presence makes the group what it is

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