18 Things French People Want To Ask British People

    Qu'est-ce que c'est "chip butty"?

    1. Why do you love gravy so much?

    2. What is with all the queueing?

    3. Wtf is a chip butty?

    4. And speaking of double carbs, why are beans on toast?

    5. Why do you never talk about politics?

    6. What is with your giant coffees?

    7. What's the deal with the Duchess of Cambridge?

    8. Why do you all eat al desko?

    9. Why do you hate cheese?

    10. Why do you think it's OK to drink wine from a box?

    11. Why are you so obsessed with home ownership?

    12. Why do you say sorry ALL the time?

    13. Why do you say hello ALL the time?

    14. Why do you all moan so much about your polite 24-hour strikes?

    15. What is with your leisurewear?

    16. What's the deal with hand sanitiser?

    17. What is in your Christmas pudding?

    18. Why on earth are you always talking about the weather?


    Kate Middleton became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, when she married Prince William. A previous version of this article misstated her title.