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    16 Ways To Make Crutches Suck Less

    The struggle is real.

    Crutches suck, really badly.

    1. Take breaks often.

    2. Get a rucksack.

    3. And don't forget your flask.

    4. Invest in a cast protector.

    5. And crutch grips will save your life.

    6. Think about where you'll be sitting.

    7. Tupperware is your new bestie.

    8. Eat right to help your body.

    9. Get your vitamins too.

    10. But sometimes, takeaways are your friend.

    11. Have a strategy for stairs.

    12. Don't get worried if you have to use a needle.

    13. Keep on moving!

    14. Take help where you can get it.

    15. Let your body guide you.

    16. And take wisdom from Sheryl Crow.