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    27 Tips To Boost Your Career In 2015

    Be the boss.

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    1. Be direct and open about your ambitions.

    2. Adopt a power pose.

    3. Drink a lot of coffee.

    4. Create your own squad.

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    Creating a network of people is important, Shannon Edwards, the CEO of "shopping discovery engine" Styloko, tells BuzzFeed Life.

    "Build and cultivate a circle of mentors and of mentees," she says. "Going beyond the always-good advice of not burning bridges, it’s critical to seek out and keep close to you talented people. These are the people who will support, teach, and lead alongside of you as your career grows."

    5. But don't forget that your peers are just as useful.

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    "People always look for senior mentors but I've always got brilliant support and advice from my peers," Sarah Drinkwater, the head of Google's Campus London, tells BuzzFeed Life. "Not only do they understand my very new field of work better, but they're more accessible."

    Writer Ann Friedman advocates Shine Theory, which she sums up thus: "When you meet a woman who is intimidatingly witty, stylish, beautiful, and professionally accomplished, befriend her. Surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by comparison. It makes you better."

    Becoming a cheerleader for your peers can have great knock-on effects for you.

    6. Unleash your inner detective.


    Unleash your inner snoop and do some detective work on your dream job or industry. Research your future career by interviewing people currently working in it.

    Rogers says we should "ask them why they chose the career, how did it meet their expectations, what was different than how they had imagined. Most importantly, ask them, if they were to do anything differently in terms of their career, what would it be?"

    Use LinkedIn to look at people’s career paths and how they made it to where you want to be.

    7. Think big!

    8. Make a date.

    9. Always consider how your work fits into the company as a whole.

    10. Stretch yourself.

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    "'Fake it till you make it' is a phrase that has served me well over my 20-year career," says Edwards.

    "You need to stretch yourself (and your business, if a small-business owner) to where you want to be, and not rest in complacency at the place you are. If you ‘act’ strong, smart, successful – even if it feels like a stretch – you will catch up."

    11. Use the power of daydream.

    12. Get learning.

    13. Don't wait for things to happen.

    14. Find the right balance.

    15. Ask yourself whose path you're on.

    16. Copying is a good thing.

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    Look at the people you consider successful in your workplace or industry. What is it they do that makes them so successful? Do they rely on face-to-face communication to get things done? Do they have a kickass set of stats ready for every meeting? Observe the people you look up to and examine what makes you put them on a pedestal.

    17. Nail your look.

    18. Don’t always do what you love.

    19. Look for a new job even if you don’t want one.

    20. When your dream job isn't your dream job.

    21. Baby steps matter.

    22. Find your trouble spot.

    23. Be a scientist.

    24. Don't wait for an invitation.

    25. Give up.

    26. Ditch the work.

    27. Think like a crab.


    Traditional linear careers are more frequently becoming the exception rather than the rule, so don’t be afraid to move sideways rather than up if a job gives you more fulfillment or better life quality.

    Take that sabbatical, bargain for a work-from-home day, or ask for some training. The career ladder now goes in every direction.

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