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    Posted on Nov 4, 2015

    19 Times Maine Mendoza Didn't Even Care What She Looked Like

    She didn't even need to say anything.

    1. Hi, you guuuuuys.

    TAPE Inc

    2. So this is Maine Mendoza AKA Yaya Dub.

    3. On normal days, she looks like this—fab and flawless.

    @izamind08 sana hindi pa huli ang lahat..

    4. But most days she doesn't even try to look pretty.

    Maine Mendoza

    And most days, you're like, "Same."

    5. And it's not like she needs to...

    6. That's actually what makes her adorable and #relaytabol.

    @Kyleeelilipop it's all in the mind, dear

    7. Like that time she went a little too overboard with the eyebrow pencil and tweeted a photo of it.

    @rodriguezruby okay na ba to, tarubs?😜

    Eyebrows on PLEEK.

    8. When she made an impression of her "lola" and didn't give a damn what she looked like.

    9. When she showed off her supreme ~dancing skills~.

    Maine Mendoza

    10. When she knew how to handle her food.

    Maine Mendoza

    11. And when she made sure her faves are well appreciated.

    Maine Mendoza

    12. When she managed to look cute despite an embarrassing situation.

    TAPE Inc

    13. When she basically became a rock star and made all our dreams come true.

    TAPE Inc

    FYI, she was wearing a blindfold.

    14. When she sat on the streets and was the perfect representation of damsel in distress.

    15. When she wasn't afraid to get down and dirty.

    TAPE Inc.

    Still pretty AF. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    16. When she made all these crazy, effortless dubsmashes.

    Maine Mendoza

    17. I mean, c'mon.

    Maine Mendoza

    18. When she saw herself on TV and reacted like a true ~celebrity~. Duh.

    19. And finally, when she made an unconventional grand entrance which made every Filipino's heart melt.

    TAPE Inc

    Keep doing you, Maine.

    Maine Mendoza

    *pabebe wave* 👋

    TAPE Inc

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