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19 Times Maine Mendoza Didn't Even Care What She Looked Like

She didn't even need to say anything.

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3. On normal days, she looks like this—fab and flawless.

@izamind08 sana hindi pa huli ang lahat..


5. And it's not like she needs to...

6. That's actually what makes her adorable and #relaytabol.

@Kyleeelilipop it's all in the mind, dear

7. Like that time she went a little too overboard with the eyebrow pencil and tweeted a photo of it.

@rodriguezruby okay na ba to, tarubs?😜

Eyebrows on PLEEK.

8. When she made an impression of her "lola" and didn't give a damn what she looked like.


18. When she saw herself on TV and reacted like a true ~celebrity~. Duh.