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22 Times The Philippines Proved It Had No Chill In 2015

Because slow internet connection couldn't stop us.

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1. When senatorial hopeful, Alma Moreno, didn't know what her "reservations" are.

Among other things. Watch the awkward interview here.

2. When the "Tamang Panahon" for AlDub finally came.

And basically the whole AlDub and Kalyeserye phenomenon.
Facebook: EBdabarkads /

And basically the whole AlDub and Kalyeserye phenomenon.

3. When Clark and Leah's #MostApprovedKiss aired on On The Wings of Love.


Fans just lost it.

4. When the prime minister of Canada and president of Mexico visited the Philippines for the APEC summit and made everyone T H I R S T Y af.

5. When Kris Aquino made a joke about how getting a sunburn made her equal to the commuters who walked for hours because of heavy traffic caused by APEC.

Kris Aquino / Via

6. When actress Angelica Panganiban LOST it with a troll on Instagram, proving that she's hashtag-just-like-us.

7. When the social media manager of a leading news publication tweeted this glorious mistake.

And we're all like, SAME.

8. When Star Cinema announced that, after eight years, One More Chance was getting a sequel.

Star Cinema

9. When the UAAP Cheerdance Competition completely fucked up results AND prizes.

10. When the hashtag game #MissUniverseIntro trended on Twitter even before the actual competition.

11. When presidential hopeful Rody Duterte got a little bit too enthusiastic with his cursing.

He also made kwento about being a womanizer, going to motels with his girlfriend, and ~finishing~ early during sex.


12. When celebrity royals Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes shared a photo of their newborn baby who already looks better than 90% of us.

Instagram: @therealmarian

13. When this girl taught us how to properly eat mamon.

Watch the, uhm, tutorial here.

14. And when these other two came to the rescue after mamon girl got bashed from being "pabebe."

WALA KAYONG PAKE. Watch the video here.

WALA KAYONG PAKE. Watch the video here.

15. When BDO made us choose between traveling and caring for the environment because, obvious ba, we can't do both.

16. When we found our new favorite BAEyani in the movie Heneral Luna.

Artikulo Uno / Twitter: @PauDineOfc

17. When a graduate from UP had a general weighted average of 1.004, a clear skin, and a boyfriend.

GMA / Via

And none of us could take it.

With any dignity whatsoever.

18. When someone live-tweeted a scandalous conversation between three legendary titas of Manila.

Full ~story~ here. #TeamAmiga
Twitter: @ElliceCenteno

Full ~story~ here. #TeamAmiga

19. When presidential candidate Mar Roxas tried to be cool and fist bumped a kid, but the kid's just not taking any shit from him.

TV5 / Via
Watch the full (painful) video here.
TV5 / Via

Watch the full (painful) video here.

20. When the Liberal Party invited a group of girls to "perform" for a birthday party and things escalated quickly.

21. When everyone wanted to be the country's next president.

Some even had interesting plans for the Philippines.

22. And finally, when Jejomar Binay wanted heartthrob Alden Richards to portray him in his biopic.


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