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22 Reasons Saab Magalona And Camie Juan Are The Influencers We All Need And Deserve

Stay #WOKE, fam.

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And this is Camie Juan, also a blogger, vlogger, and one of the realest, most unfiltered influencers unafraid to speak her mind.

Instagram: @camiejuan

And together, they kick ass in being #WOKE AF, making them two of the most important and legit ~influencers~ of this generation. Here are the receipts:

6. When Saab HAD👏ALL👏THE👏RECEIPTS👏 and the hot tea to come with it:

8. When Saab saw the dissonance in PNP Chief dela Rosa's statements:

“Peace and order” sabay threat? #StopTheKillings (source:

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