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    16 Things Every Filipino Must Know Before Travelling To Sydney

    Everything is expensive.

    1. You won't find any single tabo or bidet in any toilets in this city.

    2. But it's not as devastating as not finding Jollibee anywhere.

    Twitter: @theeabraxas

    The wonders of Chicken Joy sadly haven't reached this side of the world just yet.

    3. Malls close as early as 6PM...

    4. So do shops.

    5. And even liquor stores!

    Twitter: @_little_old_me

    So like... do your liquor shopping during lunch time, I guess.

    6. And you won't be able to find booze in 24-hour convenience stores. You can only pretty much get them at liquor stores.

    7. And they cost 10 times more than a bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

    Twitter: @TheCraftyPint

    But they're actually pretty good so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    8. Actually, pretty much everything costs 10 times more than everything in the Philippines.

    9. But the Pinoy products you see in stores from time to time are always worth every Australian dollar.

    10. Sydney's gorgeous beaches are reachable from the city in less than an hour.

    Flickr: alexbikfalvi / Creative Commons

    11. They make words shorter than your mom's patience.

    12. And they call everyday objects weird names.

    13. They basically just wanna confuse the shit outta you.

    14. Instead of roosters, creepy birds from hell will wake you up in the morning.

    15. And summers are actually worse than summers in the Philippines.

    16. And lastly, Filipino food is available, if you know where to look.

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