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    18 Common Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting The Philippines

    Mabuhay! Please take your shoes off before entering.

    1. Booking a flight to Manila and STAYING there the whole time.

    2. Traveling around only by taxicabs.

    3. Going on tours that’ll probably take you to crowded touristy beaches.

    4. Expecting everything to be dirt cheap.

    5. Buying into the fear and assuming everyone is out to scam you.

    6. Not mingling with the locals because of the language barrier.

    7. Not researching the Philippines’ customs and culture.

    8. Like not taking your shoes off when entering someone else’s house.

    9. Going around with just a credit card and no cash.

    10. Assuming it’s going to be sunny all the time.

    11. Not learning a few phrases from the dialect.

    12. Smoking while walking in public.

    13. Getting scared of bag checks when entering stores.

    14. Not eating like how the locals do.

    15. And assuming the food is weird.

    16. Trying to visit all the nice beaches in a very limited time.

    17. Only going to the beaches and overlooking the mountains.

    18. Getting bothered by the stares.

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