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    Here's How To Not Lose Your Mind While Sitting In EDSA Traffic

    Kapit lang, bes.

    1. Count all the AlDub billboards you pass by and treat yourself to Jollibee if you get to 20.

    Twitter: @akosirammij

    Or McDo if you're a diehard fan. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Take note of the time you spend sitting on traffic. That's the time you'll spend on you next trip to the spa.

    Twitter: @sarahcalura

    Deserve mo, 'teh!

    3. Invent a new curse word!

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    With the amount of traffic everywhere, it's not all that hard!

    4. Or make up a story about why it's so paking traffic every paking time.

    Jethro Trogo / Via Facebook: redkinoko

    Unleash your creativity.

    5. Get to know Epifanio delos Santos, the namesake of EDSA.

    Twitter: @neighbuors

    We always blame him for our tardiness, but do we *reaaaaally* know him?

    6. Look out for gems on other people's cars.

    Twitter: @mikeac2

    Papunta daw sa Innova-liches.

    7. Create an offline playlist beforehand so you can listen to it while in transit.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    With the speed of mobile internet data in the Philippines, wag ka nang umasa sa Spotify.

    8. Forget about doing your make up at home, you can do it while in traffic!

    Twitter: @ChloeiCapili

    And get that extra 20 minutes of sleep.

    9. And also work on your personality!

    Twitter: @heyhersheyy

    It's the perfect time to practice your patience!

    10. Take a nap.

    Twitter: @AbigayleCatalan

    It's not a feather mattress at a five-star hotel room, but here are some tips to get a better sleep while in transit.

    11. Do not, in under any circumstance, drink a large amount of liquid before going.

    12. Learn a new language!

    Twitter: @KimmyLorraine

    Busuu, Brainscape, Mindsnacks, and Babbel are just a few apps that offer easy language lessons. No time to waste, oui?

    13. And while you're at it, be productive and do what you can, work-wise.

    Twitter: @iamthedoll

    Send those e-mails, write that to-do list, edit that presentation.

    14. But when all else fails, you can always give up and go.

    Twitter: @ortile

    Pak dis sheeet!

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