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    20 Things You'll Only Get If You're Dating A Filipina

    She's not actually mad, she's just making tampo.

    1. You get unlimited supply of the good stuff.

    2. But you also have to go through the not-so-good stuff AKA her uncontrollable enthusiasm for videoke.

    Maine Mendoza / Via Twitter: @intensemaichard

    3. When you're with her, you'll never get hungry.

    Twitter: @xianshinelovers

    "That's why her bag is so bigโ€”it's full of snacks."

    4. In fact, whenever you visit their house, her mom cooks food enough to feed an entire country.

    5. And her dad always makes you tagay some beer even if you're not in a drinking mood.

    6. And when you go with her on a family reunion, it felt like you were being introduced to the whole population of China.

    7. And you can't actually tell Tito Boy and Tito Bong apart.


    8. But you'll always remember her Tita Baby because she's the one who keeps on telling you to eat.

    9. "Pssst!" is one of her terms of endearments for you.

    Take 220 Productions / Via

    10. And half the time, you don't know what she wants because she uses her lips to point them out.

    Take 220 Productions / Via

    11. You always find yourself carrying an extra bag full of pasalubong whenever you go out of town together.

    12. But it also means you'll always get pasalubong every time she goes out without you.

    13. You get nervous every time she craves for manggang hilaw.

    Twitter: @itsjaylunzaga


    14. You wonder who she's texting, only to find out she's making chismis with her friends.

    15. And even if you dont care about it at first, you eventually find yourself invested in all the juicy chismis.

    16. You know she's mad when she starts saying "hay naku!"


    17. And you know you're in deep shit when she responds with "TSK!"

    Star Cinema

    18. It's rough when she's making tampo.

    19. But be good to her and it's not hard to make her suyo.

    20. Because she loves you more than she loves adobo.

    ABS CBN / Via


    H/t Katrina Medina Umandap

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